Going Deeper With Spirituality, Soul Searching At Talavera Retreat House

Talavera Retreat House Cebu Philippines

Growing your faith through soul searching in a time of identity formation is crucial to teen spirituality and in finding that sense of belongingness. Getting a connection with the Unknown and being intimately bound up with the circle of love, through spiritual enlightenment, creates some sense of what had been our relationship to others. We all need time and space to fulfill that shape me and define me, voice inside us!


Are you powerfully drawn by something inside you to search for inner bliss and of the Higher Being? When life has so many demands, how is the modern teen to stay on top of all of them? This is the point where mind power and psychology may not meet what you intensely desire.


Every teenager at one time or another experienced being overwhelmed. Searching for meaning and purpose in life through solitude and spiritual enlightenment can eventually enhance life coping skills.


Soul searching is an attempt to make sense about the world we live in, discover life, and align your mind, body, and spirit through a soul connect experience with the Higher Being. This process helps regain balance and meaning through spiritual renewal, practice of solitude and silence, and an existential adventure that embark the participants on a journey laid upon us.


Retreats and their inspirational soul searching exercises focus on enhancing balance and identify personal issues that keeps you from achieving perfect peace, emotional wellbeing and transcendence that involves self-awareness at the spiritual level, which often results in a spiritual renewal in spiritual retreats.



There are ways to uncover the truth about yourself that only you can know and understand. Find solace for your soul and remove yourself from the noise of the city. What part of your life you feel lacks sense of stability and comfort?


When there is a disconnect between you and your inner self, you may find yourself lacking in motivation. You feel sadness and anxiety that sometimes, you may not even know where to start and when to stop.


Do you feel at home with yourself? Have you ever time to yourself and experience the freedom of who you really are? Going to a retreat can be nourishing and at the same time healing.


The issues of being separated, financial difficulties, peer and family problems plus health issues, can be pressing. At this kind of situation, the family dynamics can surprisingly be changed from supportive love to demanding pressures in life, which may most of the time, brings you to a state of depression.


High school retreat at Talavera Retreat house in CebuTalavera retreat house Talamban Cebu PhilippinesPhotos taken August 31 2013 at Talavera Retreat House, Quiot, Pardo, Cebu, Philippines


Collective pain comes down over time and breaks up whatever strength is left in you. I have traveled far in this life and I am going to be 50 soon, but still I lack the essence of what should be life for me. I was in a state of depression for long.


I skip the stuff in life that no longer serves me, and I just focused on one thing, and that is finding the love that could take me to who I am and whom I should be. This is the reason I sometimes just want to be alone, even on a crowded room. Unhappiness and how life fades in your eyes can be most uncommon sight when you are in a state of depression.


Going to a retreat is an unexpected treat. It gives you much idle time sitting and gives you much pain in the lower back just staying seated for longer periods of time. What is important is that you make your son happy, because you were there.


Enough of the drama. Where did my beauty go? I went to a place that seems like the end of the world. It was far. You have to walk upward a hill, no taxi or jeepney around, and you have to walk to get to the place if you don’t have your own car.


Together with the other parents, I went to the Talavera Retreat House and stayed there until sundown. I love the place. My first impression is that I think there is a ghost lurking out here. Just being funny!



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The Talavera Retreat House is actually the Talavera House of Prayer located in the Greenbelt Drive, Quiot, Pardo, Cebu City in Cebu Philippines. The University of San Jose Recoletos built the retreat house in the scenic hills of Quiot, Pardo in 1996.


Going to a retreat is a great treat for the soul, especially the high school students. The Catholic schools in Cebu usually hold a two to three day retreat for the graduating high school students.


The parents are usually invited to join their kids at the last day of the retreat. The Talavera House of Prayer was a perfect fit for the group soul searching activity.


Soul searching is a person’s journey from the world towards his self. The retreat is an effort used by the schools to connect the students with their inner selves.


During the personal retreat, the graduates also are meant to be connected and get closer with the other people attending the retreat. Through the open forums and many spiritual enlightenment activities, they usually open up things and learn more about their classmates.


The spiritual director and speakers are meant to coach and guide the students to find themselves through soul searching. The activity is meant to promote commitment, truthfulness, and moral responsibility among the attendees.


High School class retreat at Talavera Retreat house in CebuTalavera Retreat Housespirituality retreat at Talavera Retreat House CebuTalavera spirituality and retreat house in CebuCebu Talavera Retreat House


It also helps strengthen the character of the person as well as adapt and embrace the weaknesses. For sure, you will melt in there.


Cry, open up, forgive, and then later feel ashamed of your openness, but that is life. You have to go with the unexpected treat of discomfort. Joke!


Whatever location you choose is fine as long as you are comfortable and there are plenty of space and silence to make it possible for your personal retreat to simply let you capture and get into your inner space.


Reflecting upon your life and moving forward to the future, or making a decision for your future needs a definite soul searching. Understand why you crossed the path of both irritating and nice people. What did you learn from them?


When you meet people, especially the annoying ones, don’t jump on them when they bark at you. Respect the traffic light and know they are on their own journey too. Apply the give way rule courtesy and continue towards your scenic route.


One purpose of the retreat is to guide you in connecting with yourself when you are about to embark a new life or decide about your future. Great things take place when you are still at the campus, but it would be totally different once you graduate and feed yourself to the outside world.


Another purpose of the retreat is to enhance spiritual growth. You should know how to read the get-rid-of-people signs and get off the road signs tactfully. Solitude can make you find your way through this traffic jam. The retreat house is a center for spiritual development.


Going to the Talavera Retreat House for soul searching and connecting with yourself is life changing. You need to open, engaged and get ready for the activities.


You can get away from doing and into being with one lovely retreat and mindfulness coaching with the speakers at the Talavera House of Prayer. If you feel weighed down by uncertainty and lack of direction, withdraw from the chaos of the world and seek solace in solitude. This would refresh your spirit.


People often think of spirituality and retreats in terms of religion. However, one can be spiritual and do some intimate soul searching, but not very religious. Teenage spirituality helps develop more positive, stronger relationships as well as obtain a greater sense that life indeed has its own meaning and purpose.

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