Taraw Beach Ultimate Tour In Coron, Palawan

Taraw Beach Coron

The Taraw Beach is part of the Coron Island Hopping Ultimate Tour package we chose during our Palawan travel vacation. The beach boasts of its white sand, crystal clear waters and clean shores. Indeed, you can jump right into the water without having to worry about an itchy skin later. Let the sand bury your toes and allow the ocean breeze to brush against your skin as you contentedly lie down listening to the sound of the waves.


Going to the beach, you can see the astounding beauty of the limestone rock formations along with the mangrove trees that extends to almost an infinity in this part of the island. Watching the sunset here would be nice, but you won’t be able to do that. They do not allow visitors to stay there until night time.


The Taraw beach is a very popular boat tour destination in Coron. Adults and kids alike will delight sinking their toes in the white sand and take their selfies with the clouds as their backdrop or some rock formations.


You can stay in the water for as long as you like while you wait for your tour boat crew prepare your lunch in one of the cottages, that is, if you are not afraid to get your skin darker in real time. You would be really swimming in cool water under the heat of the sun.


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Photos taken August 18 2017 at Taraw Beach, Coron, Palawan, Philippines




There are so many things to do while you wait for your food though. You can climb and explore the beach, swim, snorkel and dive, or simply relax and take your time sitting on the fine sand.


The beach and the water are stunning. The almost sugar white sand and tranquil, crystal clear combination of fresh + seawater create a gorgeous experience for the visitors. If you are a beach lover and love to see isolated islands, don’t fail to stop by at the Taraw Beach. Coron is a piece of Paradise on earth, and a part of it is the Taraw Beach!

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