Take A Deep Dip At The Taytay Resort Cool Spring Water In Iligan City

4 Taytay Resort Iligan City

Deep dive into the Taytay Resort cool spring water contained in the adult swimming pool for a refreshing, rejuvenating day and experience being immersed in the natural cold water coming from a freshly flowing spring water in Ditucalan in Iligan City. Eliminate the risk of incurring broken bones in fresh water rocky spots, by simply swimming in pools filled with awesome, breathtakingly (might get your breath out) cold fresh spring water.


Have you ever traveled to a place where you can hop from one pool to another or from one waterfall to another? I can guarantee one place that can give you all these – Iligan City. When you are looking for a place to cool off this summer, pack your travel bag and be a solo traveler for a week at the Iligan City.


Iligan City is just the place every solo traveler should go for this kind of nature adventure. Come with your family and friends or try being a solo traveler for a change and just enjoy what nature brings to you! Not every swimming pool in the world can give you a freshly flowing spring water in the backyard.


We are proud to live in a place where we are blessed with the abundance of natural resources, such as the waterfalls, mountains, pristine sea water, and unspoiled spring water running all over the Mindanao Island.


I tell you girls, this article is not for armchair viewing only. You really have to ride the plane right now and go ahead with your nature adventure. Leave your comfort zone (that would be your bedroom, grrrr) and experience the best of virgin nature Philippines can offer.



Swimming pools are part of the city’s recreation design these days, but I still would want to dip my sensitive skin into freshly flowing spring water rather than fluorinated or chlorinated water, whichever! From the anti aging skin care point, fresh is best, right? This is pretty much a done deal for nature lovers across the globe without borders.


Go salt (sea water) or go fresh (waterfalls and spring water) in Iligan City! The best advantage you can have is the lower cost this place’ recreational centers offer. At the Taytay Resort, you get what you pay for, sometimes they come with more free additions to what you expect to receive as a visitor or a solo traveler tourist.


The Taytay resort in Ditucalan was built to offer a natural flora sightline you can view while standing at the side of the pool with your face almost even at the pool’s surface water. Your eyes get the tropical treatment of staring at green leaves, colorful flowers and other green essential garden plants and sculptures, instead of your laptop and extended LCD screen at your bedroom home office. The Taytay Resort has not much to offer unlike the complex designed hotel resorts out there, except for a very natural looking resort with adult and kids swimming pools.


The fresh flowing water comes from the spring and flows through the two pools. You bet it is cold, but very clean and yes, not chlorinated. They only have to drain and then fill it anytime when there are no visitors around, usually at night time.


The pool is really clean and cold, you can even put your soft drinks to get them ice chilled. I am not joking. No need to refrigerate the bottles or cans of soft drinks on here, just submerged for a few minutes in the water and drink it ice chilled!


aytay Resort Panorama ViewTaytay Resort Swimming Pool Taytay Resort Family PicnicTaytay Resort In Iligan CityTaytay Resort Iligan

Photos taken January 2 2014 at Taytay Resort, Ditucalan, Iligan City, Mindanao, Philippines


The kiddie pool is smaller and about 3 feet deep while the adult pool is larger and about 6 feet deep. The cool spring water flowing into the swimming pools is a great relief from the scorching heat of the city. Your first dip can be your best bit of your Philippines travel holiday.


With this nature given privilege to swim without the rocks, you are sure set to have the trip of your lifetime. From rocky waterfall spots to lagoons to swimming pools, Iligan City is just the place to hangout during summer time. If you want to jump into the swimming pool, arrange for a transportation to get you to the Taytay Resort.


Swimming in nature in a controlled pool environment keeps you delighted. I can say the convenience and safety are undeniably liberating for the kids, where they can splash and swim outside, under a good view of the clouds (if they know how to float on the pool water) in a more natural setting. You can’t think of a time you jump into a pool and get petrified in a moment of chilling coldness. Girl, the experience is just incredible!


Food is not a problem only if you bring your own provisions. The place is really far from the wet market or even restaurants. It lies solitary in the middle of the mountain. No traffic, no pollution. Just clean air. Maybe, just you!


Ecotourism or nature tourism is the theme of the Taytay Spring Resort. This is a direct reflection of the Alfeche family’s motivation to provide guests the kind of nature feel they don’t usually find in big cities.

This is a big, unique place with freely flowing fresh water in their swimming pool, which gives everyone the opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature with the most affordable price. Getting outside under the heat of the sun and enjoying the great outdoors while making friends with nature is something almost everyone wants.


A breath of cool, fresh air and getting out of the confines of the indoors is one of the best things you can have for a small price. This is just awesome and brings some genuine quality to your life out of your great travel peso value.


It is never too soon or too late to create happy memories you will cherish and share forever with yourself or your love ones. Getting outside into the natural light can elevate your mood, improve self-esteem, and bring relaxation to your tense, pressured body and mind. Dip, cool down, and just be you, relax girl!


Taytay is one reason you should visit Iligan City. The natural setting helps you take a break from technology and simply use the time splashing with the cold water in the pool. We sit in front of computers almost every day of our lives. We practice a sedentary life most of the nights sitting in front of our television screens.


At the resort, you are sure to forget time. It is a world away from the heavy buzz of the city. Fresh water swimming in a pool is something you should take, because it is all spring runs. Put the idea of spring water on your doorstep and knock on it when you get to Taytay.


Taytay Resort Swimming poolTaytay Resort PoolTaytay Resort Cottage


The spring fed swimming pools stays at the same temperature range all year round. Officially, the Taytay Resort translates time into healthier, fulfilling relationships with yourself and the lovely people around you – family!


Swimming in a spring water is one fun way to spend quality time with family and friends. Enrich your life through social interaction. Connect with friends, connect with family, and connect with nature.


Stop thinking about work for the moment, just embrace the present, the fun and the adventure. Get in touch with nature again! The great break from work and boredom can be a truly liberating experience. The water flows clear and pure and most of all clean from the springs.


Taytay Resort Iligan Family Picinic



Entrance fee is P25, less than P50.

Telephone 063 222 1964



How to get to TayTay Resort


Purok Bagong Silang, Ditucalan, Iligan City



Can be expensive from the city. You need to tell the driver he needs to fetch you in the afternoon.


Rent a car

Best in going to Taytay Resort. The drivers will wait for you outside the resort until you are ready to go home.



Take the Buru-un jeepney and tell the driver to get you off on the road going to the Taytay Resort. You can ride a habal habal going to the mountain resort.

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