Dive Into Cold Spring Water At Timoga Swimming Pool In Iligan City

Timoga Swimming Pool

What would you say if I tell you I can take you swimming in a cold natural spring water about 5 to 6 feet deep without the rocks? It is really super natural spring water and super cold, flowing right from the source. The owners of the Timoga Swimming Pool have just given you the privilege to enjoy the luxury of bathing into the icy cool, crystal clear spring water contained in their variety of pool sizes.


Fascinating how you can enjoy nature without having to do water trekking and rock climbing anymore. The source of the Timoga spring water is actually the Lake Lanao located in Marawi City.


It has been theorized that the lake developed as a result of the volcanic activity arising from tectonic movements, where the formation of the basin was seen to have resulted from the depressed fault blocks caused by the movement of the underlying magma.


The water of the Lake Lanao freely flows across the Mindanao Island, one of the outlets is the Timoga Springs. The water has been filtered underground, while some flowed through, with basic engineering, and are contained inside the Timoga Swimming pools.


It is considered as one of the richest sources of fresh, high pH, alkaline mineral water in Buru-UN, Iligan City. The fresh, mineral rich water is believed to have therapeutic and healing properties, knowing that it came from the craters of an extinct volcano.



You may want to know this, but I have discovered some silly reports about swimming in cold water, that may motivate you to fly to Timoga. There is something a bit magical about the cold spring water running around the island.


Do you know that the sudden and drastic change of temperature may give you a heart attack, but can also stimulate significant increases in white blood cell count? The cold water acts as a mild stressor to the body, which activates the immune system and gives it some practice.


Here is another interesting concept. In case of a cold dip, your body releases the endorphins to take the cold sting away from your skin. If you want to get high on your own supply of endorphins, all you have to do is jump into the swimming pool.


Read this one more amusing scientific concept. Being hot brings blood to the surface, but being cold sends it to your organs. Both work your heart like a pump. This is the reason you will glow after you have taken a bath because it definitely increases your blood flow and pushes circulation through all your capillaries, veins, and arteries.


Here is the best concept for me. Women who are trying to lose weight and lives nearby may consider this. Swimming in cold water will make your body work twice as hard to keep you warm and in the process, make you burn more calories.


Timoga Swimming Timoga Pool Iligan CityTimoga Big Pool Timoga Swimming Pool front

Photos taken January 3 2014 at Timoga Swimming Pool, Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines


For this kind of exercise, the fat becomes your body’s primary source of energy and the increase work rate, increases your metabolism in the long run. Girl, isn’t this wonderful?


Most people would want to enjoy the cold spring water, but may not favor the slippery rocks and the strong current if they really go swim right at the source. I am sure you would be happy to know that the solution to your safety issues and travel time has been answered by the Timoga Swimming Pool.


The Timoga Swimming Pool is very popular of its fresh, freely flowing cold spring water. Anyone living near Iligan City, or even from the surrounding towns have heard and known about the Timoga Swimming Pool. People from far away came to Timoga just to enjoy the fresh water at the pool.


Sit and chill or swim and get some action, either way, you will enjoy the icy cold water and the friendly crowd. You can see individuals with their families laughing and eating together or friends and young ones just hanging out and swimming competing each other at the pool.


Timoga Swimming Pool Iligan CityTimoga Swimming Pool ChildrenTimoga deepest swimming poolTimoga Pool overlookingTimoga Swimming Pool great pool view

Photos taken January 3 2014 at Timoga Swimming Pool, Iligan City


The recreational place has several swimming pools of different depths and sizes to please people of all ages and walks of life. Fountains and sprinklers or slides and diving boards are placed in some pools to please more of its users. The pools have been designed to accommodate small to large groups.


There are mid-range slides and pools, kiddie slides and pools, main adult pool (deeper), and the swimming pools in the topmost areas where you can view the pools and the people below.


You do not need to worry about drying hair or having rashes on your skin, because the water is fresh from the cold spring and is not treated with chlorine. One thing for sure, the water is very, very cold.


The place is big, but honestly, they haven’t thought about offering restaurants or meals. You can buy snacks at their canteen near the entrance, but you have to bring your own meals and food provisions. I repeat, there is no restaurant outside.


If you want to buy lechon baboy, lechon manok, and other Filipino dishes, you can ask permission to the guard that you are going to buy your food outside. Once outside, right across the street, you will see the local vendors selling all sorts of food stuffs. You can pick your food and head back inside again.


Timoga Swimming Pool LunchTimoga Swimming Pool lechon lunchTimoga Swimming LunchTimoga Swimming Pool Family Lunch

Photos taken January 2 2014 at food stalls outside Timoga Swimming Pool, Iligan City


You can bring fresh meat and grill it inside the Timoga cooking and grilling station. However, it may get crowded at times, depending on the flock of visitors coming in from the other regions and countries. The best way is to BYOP (bring your own provision and make sure they are ready to eat already).


If you want to hang out with friends and family, escape from the summer heat, then the Timoga Swimming Pool is the best place for you. There are times the place is really crowded with families hanging out together, so if you want to have the place by yourself, you better stay overnight. The rooms are affordable and just located near the pools.


This is the most refreshing way to kick off the stress of the week. You can select the deeper pools and practice your swimming skills there. The Timoga Swimming Pool complex has been divided into the Marvilla’s Swimming Pool, the Dela Mar Resort, the Mimar’s Springway Resort, and still the main old one, Timoga Spring Pool.


The pool is really an attraction for tourists, a place to go for family get together, and a barkada hangout for those living in the city. People used to go there to just sit and eat and then, swim in a while. There is enough space to accommodate large groups wanting to spend time dipping in the pool after a convention or seminar workshops.


Timoga Swimming Pool Night SwimmingEating at side of Timoga Swimming Poolhappy together Timoga Swimming Pool

Photos taken December 27 2015 at Timoga Swimming Pool, Iligan City


The cheerful environment is usually crowded with children and the young adults. Because there are kids, you can expect the adults responsible for the kids watching them nearby. For sure, the place is really that crowded on weekends.


Come and get into the icy water once in a while. If your body is begging for a nice pool dip to refresh and rejuvenate, go to Timoga freshly flowing cold spring water. You’ll get your youth back with a smile!


The place is open daily from 6 am to 10 pm. After closing time, only those who rent a room are allowed to stay and swim.


Timoga Swimming PoolSwimming at Timogasnapshot at Timoga Swimming Pooldipping at Timoga Swimming Pool

Photos taken March 24 2013 at Timoga Swimming Pool, Iligan City



Entrance Fee:  Php100.00


Table Charge:  Php100.00 (good for 4-6 persons) and Php250.00 (good for 6-12 persons)


Cottage Charge:  Php500.00 (good for 15-20 persons); Php2,500.00 (good for up to 50 persons); and Php3,500.00 (good for 150-200 persons)


Corkage:  Php2.00/pouch of junk food; Php3.00/bottle of drinks (softdrinks/beer); and Php12.00/case of drinks (softdrinks/beer).



How to reach the Timoga Swimming Pool

Taxi can be expensive but can definitely take you there.



You can take the Buru-un jeepney from the city and just instruct the driver to drop you off at the Timoga. Please don’t forget to remind the driver every 15 minutes.


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