Free Fall After Rock Climbing At Tinago Falls

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Grab the rocks with bare hands. That is right, use your bare hands the way locals there go up to the top of the falls. Enjoy the view and the feel of the cold rushing water, and then, go for that free fall. Feel great sitting on that big rock for a moment. I tell you, just sit right there, up high the edge of the cliff where the water falls, look ahead where the earth seems to meet the sky, and immerse yourself with nature, get fully fascinated before you let gravity bring you to a deep dive down below. Sounds fun?


Get ready for travel and learn how to get a strong footing with or without your shoes. Traveling does not mean hanging in malls and museums all day.


The definition of exciting and fun can be more sharply defined when you follow the river, grab the rocks, go right at the edge of the cliff, and sit where the water falls!


Move to the end closest to the falling water and just let the rustling water massage your body from the neck to the lower back. If you are scared of the current, get a little thrill when you climb up the dry rocks beside the waterfalls to the high ground where you can feel the drizzle of the water. This can be an ecstatic experience!


Bold and brave? Or bold but not so brave? Never mind, there is always something for you on here. The Tinago Falls has the capability to reduce your external awareness and just let your mind focus on one thing – to get to the edge!



For the outdoor enthusiasts, the combined rock climbing and water trekking activity can be an awesome bouldering experience. You can manage both activities plus the swimming for a meager P50 entrance fee only.


No ropes, no harnesses, or special climbing shoes. Come on man, the local kids will laugh at you there. Climb barefoot without ropes and just use your bare hands to grab the rocks.


For motivation, ask one of the local kids to go with you so you experience the locals’ way of climbing the rocks. Their art of climbing is incomparable.


They climb without thinking about medical insurance and without fear about falling. They just climb for fun.


You can scream, jump up high the boulders, get wild at the edge of the cliff where the water falls, or just remain quiet and dip into the cold natural water of the Tinago Falls. Do what you like and experience that rare surge of energy within you.

Tinago Falls Iligan City Philippines

Photo taken March 29 2015 at Tinago Falls In Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines


Rip your friends hearts out and get a video of yourself climbing up the rocks with bare hands and bare foot. That would be a good footage for your YouTube channel.


Guess where you think you can find me there? Not in Google Map I hope. Don’t look at the rocks and boulders either. Just search at the safe areas of the resort beside the rocks, where there are cemented steps and different rock pool sizes at the far end.


Laugh hah! I am afraid of slipping out of the rock footing, because I do not know how to swim and I am afraid of the strong water current. So, here I am at the sides taking selfies and taking snapshots of my clan’s younger generation. Easy life ha ha.


To be fair, at the end of the day, the girls were able to convince me to take a dip at the small rock basins somewhere far the big blue lagoon. They were really laughing and enjoying, that I got on my bikini (uh uh) and dive into the mercy of the rustling water.


Surprisingly, it was fun and cold and I do not want to get out anymore had it not been getting dark. Honestly, you cannot be here after sunset because it is surrounded by a forest and no one can hear you in case of emergency.


Tinago Falls Blue Lagoon, Iligan City, Philippines


Is it not scary to be in a place where all you can think of is, any ghost out there? The waterfall is at the middle of the forest and not just middle, you have to go down 425 steps.


The waterfall has created several deep basins or small and large pools where you can dip and swim in the cold streaming water all day long if you want. The deep, calm basin rock pools appear similar to a blue colored lagoon. It was a very heart warming view.


Actually, the water of the falls is an outflow of the Lanao Lake that flows into the Agus River and then cuts and streams into the Maria Cristina Falls and the Tinago Falls. The Tinago Falls is about 240 feet high, and a truly beautiful sight.


To reach the falls, you need to go down a winding staircase that is estimated 425 steps. So, if you have to count your walk back and forth, it would be an estimated total of 900 steps. I advise you bring all that you need for your picnic, such as your swimming gear, water, and food.


There is no restaurant there. You have to bring your own water and lunch or dinner. You can grill at the side if you want, but make sure you put out the fire after because it is surrounded by trees and dried leaves, like a virgin forest.


Rock Climbing at Tinago Falls

Photos taken July 26 2015 at Tinago Falls, Iligan City


Bring as much food as you can handle. The steps are high and you will really pant.


Don’t worry, you can rest every now and then if you are not used to such strenuous activity. For myself, I really welcome the exercise. To prepare for the event, walk and jog for a few weeks before traveling to Iligan City.


There are paid guides available at both entrances. You need to tell the driver you want to enter the Tinago Falls from the new entrance, because the steps are cemented and you would have a better footing.


The old entrance is not well-developed and there is a higher probability you will have an accident, such as slipping or falling.



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Swim in the basin and enjoy the ride with the raft. It is only P50. The ride is safe and can accommodate a large number of individuals. The more, the merrier!


The water is cold. You will really shiver when you dip into it. If you do not know how to swim, but are drooling watching your friends swim at the blue colored basin, just take a dip at the side or pay a ride at the raft.


Beneath the falls is a little cavern or a small cave you can enter to listen and watch the falling water. Because this place is uninhabited with many supernatural stories going around, I advise you just stay outside the cave at the raft, or just at the mouth of the cave.


Snakes and other types of animals are unconfirmed. The Tinago Falls is a must visit natural tourist attraction. Afraid of dipping into the basin?


Go at the side and enjoy the shallow water flowing downstream. They are good for the kids. Just find yourself a good place to dip and chika (talk) with your friends and family.


Free Fall After Rock Climbing At Tinago Falls


Selfies? No worries. Get wet and go around the basin and the shallow, rocky water flowing downstream. They provide a good backdrop for selfies.


Enjoy your day at the falls. Don’t worry if you eat much. You have 425 steps to waste your calories when you go home.



Entrance fee P30 to P50

Life Jacket rental P25

Cottages and table rentals P50 to P100

Rafting fee P15 per person



How to get to Tinago Falls


Barangay Ditucalan, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte

Mindanao, Philippines



Rent a car with a driver for a day.


Take the taxi, but this can be expensive than renting a car.


Take a jeepney ride. From the city, you can take a jeepney ride bound for Linamon or Buru-un. Instruct the driver to drop you off at the Tinago Falls. You can find a habal habal to take you to the waterfalls.

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