How Trans Fat Altered Your Body Shape In 51 Days!

The most critical point in your anti aging fat loss is not knowing what really makes you fat! Do you even remember a single food in the past that has made your tummy increase its storage of visceral fat? All these can be simply said in plain two words. And that is, trans fat. I was not really aware trans fat can make you fatter faster than any other foods containing the same amounts of calories.  I think trans fat and visceral fat are close cousins, because when you eat trans fat, you also increases belly fat and of course, the visceral fat. Trans fat is worse than I can ever imagine, and I do not even know how to get rid of it or avoid it, because it has been embedded in our commerce and immediate environment.


For the modern man, trans fat is a way of life. From the time you wake up and the moment you reach for that frozen easy to heat breakfast in a foil, you have just increased your body’s fat content. Looking for your milk and French fries? That may contain trans fatty acids (TFA) too. As of this writing, I am really confused what’s left to eat in this fast paced world!



Most of the trans fat we eat is formed through a manufacturing process that adds hydrogen to vegetable oil, which converts the liquid into a solid fat at room temperature. This process is called hydrogenation. Partially hydrogenated oils are the major source of artificial trans fat in our food supply, which is often used in commercial baked goods so they don’t spoil quickly. The fact is, man created trans fat for better food taste, texture, and longer shelf life.


The TFAs are a type of fat found in a wide variety of foods, mostly processed foods and fast foods. To tell you honestly, the effects of trans fats are freaking me out, because ever since I started food blogging, I cannot wait for 51 days to remove half of what I already ingested, but instead found myself eating more ice cream combined with frostings and baked goods, especially moist cakes again.



Today, as of this writing, I realized the main reason why most men and women in their 40s or even late 30s, end up having high blood and diabetes. You do not have to guess it, right? Apparently, what we stored in our body is actively working on damaging our health and our body shapes. Does the word convenience threaten your waistlines?


Trans fat increases the bad LDL cholesterol levels, decreases the good HDL cholesterol levels, and potentially raises the triglycerides in the blood. In short, TFAs are a warm, most satisfying way for you to develop high blood and diabetes.



The bad effects of trans fat definitely last a long time. This reality cannot be argued anymore. Since the introduction of trans fat based shortenings and vegetable oils, the food manufacturers have incorporated trans fat into many of our food products to increase shelf life as well as to improve stability during cooking and boost flavor. Unknowingly, we have been eating trans fat without knowing how it works!


The sad thing is that the human body does not process trans fats in the same way as other fats, and they were found to be pretty detrimental. Research has shown that trans fat may trigger inflammation and reduce the ability of the body to heal naturally. Are you aware the body views trans fat as a foreign substance?


When society became fast food obsessed and ate a lot of deep fried foods, health problems were on the rise. Once you eat a foreign molecule or man altered molecule, such as the trans fat, or genetic engineered or modified fat, the body really does not know what to do with it, and so it gets deposited where toxins have been stored in the body. Do you know how long trans fats stay inside your system?


The storage depot for foreign substances and toxins in the body is stored fat (fat cells). When the liver has time to try to figure out how to dispose of the foreign substances, it will attempt to eliminate them from the body. These fat calories are hard to burn off, because the body is not designed to burn these unnatural plastic fats.


Even if you are on a calorie deprivation diet, you may not be able to lose fat that contains toxins and foreign molecules. If you are under stress and the liver is too busy dismantling fat cells that store foreign molecules and detoxify the body of the foreign substances that the fat contains, both the foreign substances and the fat will likely remain in place.



Just imagine this, athletes may experience loss of flexibility of muscles and tendons when they consume trans fat. If the red blood cell walls have been jammed full of trans fat, they can become too still to fold in half and squeeze through the capillaries to deliver oxygen.


Oxygen deprived tissues can feel cold like cold fingers and toes or they can feel numb or tingling and even painful. Muscles can become anaerobic and fatigue quicker without the optimal oxygen transfer.


In diabetics, this is one of the causes of diabetic neuropathy where damage to nerves developed possibly due to the lack of oxygen, which may be the cause of the pain you feel in the fingers and feet. Currently, research has been found to produce the adverse effects of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, immune dysfunction, and low birth weight.


Have you even known that trans fat has a half life of 51 days? This means that it would take for your body a total of 51 days to properly metabolize and eliminate half of it.


In another 51 days, half of that, 25%, is still in your body. That’s 102 days, over 3 months, and you still haven’t processed all of the trans fat you ate! So, if you eat trans fat every day, just imagine how much trans fat is congesting your body from years of this kind of eating pattern.



Now, the thought could be nauseating, but the process is satisfying, how many French fries and other deep fried fast foods have you eaten today? Fried chicken, anyone?


Trans fat is produced when food manufacturers add hydrogen to vegetable oil. Please don’t blame everything to fast food. You still have the unlimited production of processed food to take care of. Have you thought about putting a stop in using used oil many times?


Trans fat can be your major enemy. It is far worse than anticipated, because a diet rich in trans fat causes a redistribution of fat tissues. And yes, they get to stay in your abdomen. As a result, the trans fat turned into visceral fat in your tummy, which in turn increases your body weight.


The visceral fat you developed from eating too many trans fat can generally affect how your hormones function. Carrying high amounts of it has been associated with insulin resistance that leads to glucose intolerance and type 2 diabetes. What have you been eating all day that you stored more and more of it each day?



How did you gain the fat and the weight?

Trans fat is the main contributor of the trending obesity today. A consumption of it can definitely increase weight gain. How do you know you have it? Having a large waist is a clear indication of excess visceral fat, which can be more harmful for you, because it surrounds your internal organs. Are you still wondering how you packed on the fat?


Don’t you know that even the slightest amount in your diet can literally raise your risk of a heart disease. Yes, eating trans fat is worse for your health than eating lard. Have you eaten too much refined carbohydrates lately? The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published that eating more refined grains is associated with this dangerous type of fat.


Eating a lot of high fat, high calorie foods increase visceral fat and results in a gradual weight gain. The Journal of the American Geriatrics Society suggested colas and sodas, including power drinks and diet sodas, may be associated with increases in waist measurement and potentially visceral fat as well. Drinking sugar sweetened beverages made of fructose syrup may efficiently make you store fat and gain weight.


Common sources of trans fat include margarine, ice cream and frozen pizza, microwave popcorn, deep fried foods, cakes, pies, cookies, biscuits, breakfast sandwiches, crackers, cream filled candies, doughnuts, French fries, battered foods, pie and pie crust, shortening, cake mixes and frostings, pancakes and waffles, nondairy creamers, sweet rolls, frozen or creamy beverages, frozen dinners, noodles, packaged pudding, canned goods, and many more.


Yes, this list can go on and it is definitely killing me, because most of them are my favorites. No wonder I packed on fats and expanded my waistline over time! What is left to eat? The idea of eating more veggies and fruits can’t be more charming. Trans fat seems to be more delicious, right?


Understanding what your favorite comfort foods may contain can help you powerfully bring down your accumulated fat bulge, lower your LDL, prevent diabetes, and avoid heart disease. Just in case you didn’t know, trans fat causes general inflammation. I can say those who already got information about the effects of trans fat a bit lucky, because they have been avoiding foods that possibly contain trans fat.



However, if you are still undecided whether to eliminate trans fat in your diet or not, then I advise you just continue eating and contribute more to obesity. It does not disappear overnight anyway, so you got a long road to travel before you finally get ripped abs. How does that sound?


When you packed on the pounds, how long would it take to totally eliminate them? Darn, this shocking question could seriously mean really giving up some tastylicious foods to powerfully alter your body sculpture. Believe me, I can absolutely understand the frustration!


I know how hard it is to give up your comfort foods for a number of days, but even I didn’t know it could be this challenging to get a nice, curvy body (as if I got a curved one, grr). The FDA has been very active in pushing manufacturers to reduce the use and the inclusion of trans fat in processed food products, including fast food. Thank you FDA!


Indeed, the new labeling of food was made in 2006. The amount of trans fat found in a certain product is reported and included in the nutrition label. May I ask? How effective are you in regulating and managing your diet with the kind of fat active environment we have?


Trans fat is in the cakes, cookies, pies, muffins, fast food French fries and sandwiches, frozen entrees, salad dressings, margarine, and more. They are elusive. Unfortunately, the world won’t be rid of trans fat anytime soon, because the food industry hasn’t found an economical substitute that functions the same way.



No wonder as the food takes on longer shelf life, humans also took the reverse process of shortening life span! Killing me softly with your song. The economy is getting livelier with the need for health care on the rise, don’t you think?


Health professionals advised to severely limit or eliminate trans fat from your diet. Matter of factly speaking, it will be years before you see the end of partially hydrogenated oils in packaged and manufactured foods. Although some trans fat occurs naturally in dairy products and meats, most are man made.


Trans fat is created when the vegetable oil is put through a process called hydrogenation. This is when the hydrogen gas is bubbled through the liquid vegetable oil, and caused a change in the chemical configuration of the oil, resulting in a thicker consistency.


Cooking or frying food in vegetable oil is a dangerous practice. When heated, the structure of the oil changes. They then generate toxic compounds that increase the risk of degenerative diseases and cancer. The long term consumption is an independent factor in weight gain.


In a more simplistic view, you will ingest too many calories if you have too much fat. It makes sense to say then that fat is fattening. Trans fat enhances intra-abdominal deposition of fat, even in the absence of a caloric excess. If you eat fat, you get fat. If you avoid fat, well, you stay slim forever.


A lifetime of too much soda and sitting on the couch will cause insulin to preferentially guide glucose into your fat cells. So, after a high calorie meal, your body’s 50 billion fat cells get their next load of energy, but each fat cells get even fatter. If you let your body operate the way nature designed it, it will cure your belly fat once and for all.


Trans fat is also highly linked to insulin resistance because of an impaired post-insulin receptor binding signal transduction. You will never get the body you desire by eating frozen dinners, fast food, and other processed choices. You need to eat smart, girl!


Trans fat – what have you done?

Think of it this way, nonstop gobbling of trans fat may lead to the onset of Alzheimers, depression, and ADHD. With this thought, you must have realized that what you eat has a direct impact on how you feel.


In reality, what you eat is actually silently and slowly killing you. The chemically reconfigured, artificial TFAs can wreak havoc with the human cells. Over time, they take up cell space and establish a surplus of the wrong kind of fatty acid in the body.


As the cells continued to be invaded with the TFAs, they become less effective and compromised their capacity to sustain optimum health. There is no immediate visible disaster. It is cumulative over time. The resulting disease would take years to show up. TFAs are eliminated only when you no longer eat foods that contain them.


Healthy fatty acids will replace them and restore the normal cellular function. Unfortunately, the structural damage already done can’t be undone. You can stop it when you stop consuming TFAs. Also, trans fats clog the liver and promote the development of a fatty liver disease.


Eating a lot of trans fatty acids weakens the ability of the cells to communicate. They were noted to promote Syndrome X and Diabetes due to their ability to impair the communication between the insulin and the cell membrane.


Some studies suggest that saturated fat builds more fat and less muscles, which may be the core cause of obesity. The fat composition of the food influences the cholesterol in the blood and also determines where the fat should be stored in the body.



The surplus consumption of saturated fat results in a greater increase in the amount of fat in the liver and in the abdomen, especially the fat around the internal organs, which we refer to as the visceral fat. Trans fat can make you fat. Every 1% increase of trans fat consumption is accompanied by a weight increase of 2 pounds.


A Wake Forest University study determined that monkeys who ate more trans fat gained 30% more abdominal fat than monkeys who ate monounsaturated fats. To determine if a food contains trans fat, look for the word partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in the label.


The liver fat and the visceral fat, highly contribute to metabolic disorders. The issue really is for you to figure out where the body fat is being stored rather than how much fat one has, because when it comes to developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, the location of the visceral fat is of significant importance.


In 2009, a petition to ban synthetic trans fat was filed by a doctor who studied the cause of heart disease for over 60 years. He noted in his study that the heart disease is often the result of having a large volume of trans fat being deposited in the veins and arteries of the patients, which causes sudden death because of blockage.


The effects of trans fat can go against your anti aging fat loss and anti wrinkle treatments. Foods like full cheese, ice cream, creams, and fried foods, such as doughnuts can clog your arteries, cause weight gain, and age you prematurely. Fat can make the food taste good and at the same time, enhance mouth feel, but trans fatty acids are totally harmful for humans.


The consumption of trans fat turns on certain genes in the fatty tissues. As a result, the storage of fat in the abdomen is higher. This also influences the body’s insulin regulation.



What can be done about it?

Help yourself. Slowly reduce your trans fat intake. To avoid accumulating trans fat in your body, make sure you stop being an impulse buyer, especially when there are promos and offers like a buy 1 get 1 free.


Always make it a habit to read the nutrition labels and count your calories before paying for it. Hopefully, you can get the trans fat out and change your body shape soon.


If you eat a few servings of food each day with traces of trans fat, you can easily exceed you trans fat limit. Experts recommend you keep your trans fatty acids intake to less than 1% of total calories, which is about 1 ½ grams if consuming 1,400 calories or 2 grams if consuming 2,000 calories daily.


The strongest influence you can have on your levels of cholesterol, not to mention your waist size, is watching what fat you eat and what fats you would banish from your gut. A serving size should have no more than 4 grams of saturated and trans fat combined.


As of this moment, we lack preventative treatments for visceral fat and fatty liver. The one best step you can do at the moment is to change your lifestyle and behavior about food – start eating healthy and just eat right!


Avoid trans fat at all cost. They were created to have a long shelf life. This means having a long shelf life in your fat cells as well.


The danger of saturated and trans fat is that they make it easier to overeat. I am sure you had observed this right? They can thwart your weight loss efforts.


Cut back on saturated and trans fat and increase your monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat. You do not get there overnight, but you be there.



The truth

The National Academy of Sciences advised that the consumption of trans fat is not necessary. It is not also associated with any known benefits. The trans fat can increase the LDL cholesterol and can reduce the HDL cholesterol. This results in an exaggerated increased risk of coronary disease.


You need to reduce the consumption of trans fat. It is not needed for the function of the body. You should never eat trans fat. A fully hydrogenated fat does not contain trans fat, but only the partially hydrogenated fats or oils. This means being consistent in checking food labels for hydrogenated fats or hydrogenated vegetable oils.



Liver detoxification tips

  • Reduce consumption of hydrogenated vegetable oils and trans fats
  • Reduce consumption of sugar and processed foods
  • Take foods high in antioxidants



A hint

Milk thistle benefits work by drawing toxins out of the body that can cause a range of symptoms and diseases, including cancer development, high cholesterol, diabetes, kidney stones, gall bladder disorders, negative effects of chemotherapy, alcohol use, skin damage and much more.


The milk thistle is a very popular natural liver supporter and detoxifier. It has been shown to decrease or even reverse damage to the liver caused by prescription medications, antibiotics, pollution, heavy metals, and so on. It benefits the heart health by lowering inflammation, cleaning the blood and preventing oxidative stress damage within the arteries.


Although more formal research is needed, it is known to help lower high cholesterol. One thing to note is that in certain situations, milk thistle has been found to possibly interfere with the efficacy of some cancer chemotherapy drugs by protecting cancer cells from death. Please consult your doctor before taking milk thistle for liver detoxification.



What about glutathione?

For the liver to continue performing its essential functions, you should eat more fruits and vegetables. Detoxify the liver and increase levels of glutathione. Your liver is resilient and can do a remarkable job of healing and regrowing cells.


The glutathione is associated with many chemical and metabolic functions. It is considered to be the single most important nutrient for proper liver health. Glutathione is said to be the mother of all antioxidants and the most important molecule you need to stay healthy and prevent disease. It is the secret to prevent aging, cancer, heart disease, dementia and more.


This critical life giving molecule treats almost everything from autism to Alzheimer’s disease. Glutathione is critical in helping your immune system do its job of fighting infections and preventing cancer. It is the most critical and integral part of your detoxification system.


Research has shown that a raised glutathione level tends to decrease muscle damage, reduce recovery time, increase strength and endurance and shift metabolism from fat production to muscle development. If you are sick or old or are just not in peak shape, you likely have a glutathione deficiency. Please consult your doctor before deciding on an IV.




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