How To Get Transportation Assistance from DSWD?

How to get transportation allowance from DSWD

DSWD observes “No Noon Break Policy” and caters clients from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm straight. But before going, be sure to complete your needed requirements to avoid problems. The ideal processing time is 50 minutes maximum per client exclusive of the waiting/queueing time.


Applicants for AICS may proceed to the Crisis Intervention Unit of the DSWD Central Office, DSWD Field Offices in their respective areas, or satellite offices located at the local government unit.


This assistance for the payment of transportation expenses, such as to purchase tickets to air/ sea/ land transport facilities so they can return to their home provinces permanently or to attend to emergency concerns. It can be the death or chronic sickness of a family member in their home provinces and other emergency situations.


Poor, marginalized, vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals or families, currently having immediate need, returning home and permanently residing in the town or province, attend to emergency concerns such as death of loved one or care for a family member or relative who is sick in their home provinces or other emergency situation requiring their immediate presence, can avail of the assistance.


Get a stub number and register your name with the guard on duty. Take the interview and wait for the recommendation of the assistance requested. Received the approved financial assistance in the form of financial, guarantee, or referral letter.




Who can avail

Stranded individuals due to typhoons

Individuals returning to their provinces

Victims of illegal recruitment

Victims of pick pockets

Having medical treatment in other places

Individuals having family members died in other places




Barangay Certification/Indigency/any valid ID

Social Case Study Report from LGU (optional)

Referral/Endorsement letter from legislator, if applicable



Release of assistance

Release of Cash outright assistance takes about 45 minutes per client



Issuance of Guarantee Letter (P5,000 and below) and/or Referral Letter takes about 45 minutes per client


Issuance of Guarantee Letter (more than P5,000) takes one day


Release of Check Assistance takes one to three days



DSWD provides cash assistance to beneficiaries upon their submission of documentary requirements based on the assistance requested. The amount of cash assistance given also varies depending on need.



Where to apply?


Nearest DSWD office in your area

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