Travel And Earn Money From Your Blog More Than Your Day Job

travel and earn money from your small business blog

Blog And Earn: Getting Travel Crazy Can Drive Engagement To The Brands You Promote And Make You Earn Money Online As Long As You Continue To Drive Sales And Boost Your Following!


The social media has always been the easiest and the most effective way to promote your Philippine Travel Blog online. Second to email newsletters and email advertising, the social media is considered as the number one channel in promoting your content to a world without doors and without visa restrictions. With social media, you do not need to make so much effort just to connect and build relationships. If they like your post, they will surely comment and engage.


The social media, as a powerful digital marketing tool, has freely increase and enhance the word of mouth referrals, beat the paid advertisements out there including Google Adwords, and made it possible for new bloggers to instantly create an online presence. I am not talking about an occasional tweet or crazy travel selfies status update. After all, one viral post can mean the difference between wild online success and relative obscurity. How do you market your Cebu travel blog on the social media?


First, you need to know who are your target audience and where they usually hang out on the internet. For the Philippines audience, that would be quite easy with Facebook. Everyone seems so crazy with Facebook that even the elementary students maintain even one or two accounts. Guess, the game thing is working with the little ones.


Select relevant, click worthy articles for your updates and link back to your blog. Make it a point to establish yourself as a sharer of interesting information. This means sharing some photographs and news that were not written by you!



Establish a posting schedule and determine the frequency you’ll share, because too much can be annoying. However, if you use Twitter, the more frequently you post the better. Tweet, retweet, and repeat so you get Twitter noticed.


In LinkedIn, which is a professional network, once a day would be fine. You should understand one thing. You are the voice of your blog. You only have to make it a bit louder, understand how making a little noise can help you find your audience, and learn how your voice can help you create your personal brand.


Entice your followers and network to read about your travelogue without making it too obvious and needy. Shall I say, do it with a style? Now here is one good update I have read from one of my early morning readings.


Hashtags are good, but the evil way to do it is to look at the trend in the different regions first, see what’s trending, find something marginally relevant to your post, and tag your tweet with it. Aha! Yeah, right, so when someone starts browsing the tweets from that particular trend, they might stumble and click through your article.


Take the sweet idea as the ultimate social media guide for bloggers in creating hashtags. The cool connections it brings will melt your eyeballs. For Philippines travel bloggers, the use of the social media channels is very clever, effective, and strategic.


Of course, it has a lot to do with the voice and the creative writing talent, as well as a good understanding of what your target audience wants to see. People want to read unique content, however, truthfully, it could be just the content that will help them find something in your area, such as travel and tour services in Cebu, waterfalls in the Philippines, and many more.


share real time experience drive sales and boost your social media following


Blog and earn ideas

Try this out. Go to a certain place in your area that you may have heard of, but never visited. The first thing you would like to know is where to go, where to eat, and where to get a ride. So, that great content can just be a plain and simple information about local restaurants and entertainment, including rides.


Wow, you must have known, you are already doing it. Uploading great pictures and videos of your latest adventure with a bit of backstory can just be the thing they need to know a little about the place. Makes sense?


Understand that the whole point of social media is to be social, which may include having to like and share other people’s content as well. If it is a one sided relationship, then you are not rolling in being engaged. If you want, you can try the Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram first.


Determine which friends in your list you can join the conversation, build relationships, and promote your Philippine travel guide blog. Short text snippets or descriptions with a link back to your blog is very important during post sharing. Your friends and friends’ friends can quickly skim through them and maybe, click through it.



Philippine women bloggers crazy travel selfies

Travel photography and selfies have been making a lot of buzz lately. You can just imagine how some women in the Philippines became a world explorer of their own and getting crazy about where to travel next, what shirt to wear, and what camera to use for taking solo travel selfies.


Although most women have the passion for travel, only a few really were bold enough to explore the islands and discover the unique cultures of the other locals in the neighboring regions. After a few short travel expeditions I made all by myself in the Philippine islands, I finally stopped looking at digital photos and made my own real time snapshots in different places.


It is a quite surprising how people can get travel crazy. Are you imagining now where to travel next? If you want to travel, you should be active in social media and reading about the latest gossip in the specific place you plan to visit. In a fast changing environment, I mean hurricane today, earthquake tomorrow, and arm fighting next month, you should know about the travel advisories and what’s the latest news on that place, right?


For me, I could be transparent about not getting much traction, because my world exploration has been a bit slow. I am in a pretty make-a-budget-of-everything mom of five kids. So, I just make it a point to save at least a $1,000 US Dollars and then, book an airline ticket whenever I get over it a bit.


Where do I travel? I travel within the Philippines and Asia. I go to those places that do not require a visa for 15 to 30 days or even 90 days. I had, in the past years, travelled 4 times to Hong Kong, 1 time to Australia, and 2 times to Singapore already.


I hear you and I feel you. It is truly difficult to get a visa to the first world countries, so I decided to travel only to the free visa countries for Filipino travelers. I know the Philippine passport is not the strongest, but that doesn’t mean we cannot travel visa free anywhere outside the Philippines.


strategic content marketing to create a buzz



Here are the visa free countries for the Philippines passport holder

ASIA free visa

  • Brunei Darussalam – 14 days
  • Cambodia – 21 days
  • Indonesia – 30 days
  • Laos – 30 days
  • Malaysia – 30 days
  • Myanmar – 14 days
  • Singapore – 30 days
  • Thailand – 30 days
  • Vietnam – 21 days



  • China, Shenzhen – 7 days only, if you are crossing from Hong Kong, valid only in Shenzhen area
  • Hong Kong – 14 days
  • South Korea – 30 days, only if arriving at Jeju Island or after visiting Korea for 4 times with visa
  • Brazil – 90 days


You can see the complete list of visa policies for Filipino nationals here



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I make it a point to travel outside the Philippines every year, either on my birthday or during Christmas, where there are promo offers from the airlines, resorts, or hotels. If I don’t make it to my budget, then I just travel within the 7,106 Philippine Islands and chill!


It is true that your imagination can give you endless possibilities. Traveling in real time can truly bridge the gap between the human experience and the digital technological advances. Getting cheap flights and hotel accommodations at 2GoTravel Destinations can further make your digital experience come to life!


Technology and your digital space have given you the power of easy discoverability to guide you with your travel plans. We are no longer in the age where booking a tour package meant finalizing a travel destination, because travel destinations nowadays are taken at an enormous moment of spontaneity.


Everything is being done online due to the plethora of options the internet has given us. Thinking from a travelers experience perspective, where can you travel next for the P10,000 peso you have in your savings account? Suggestions, anyone?


No matter what life you have now, you have the power to become a solo Pinay traveler like me and tell compelling stories, such as this Shirley Travel Guide Philippines blog. Don’t you know that storytelling is actually one way to make a business later? Think of the opportunity you have in your hand as a Philippine travel blogger.


promote your small business blog


The photographs you post showcase your travel destinations. Who knows big brands in the future may hire you to promote their products?


Share real pictures and gain interesting number of followers. The people who follow you are definitely your target audience! Leveraging on your blog’s self-generated content is a wonderful way to create highly compelling, customer focused content marketing strategy.


It provides endless opportunities to generate website traffic and help you earn money from your blog later. If you are just starting out and busy, you can limit your efforts on managing just one social platform to drive visitors to your blog.


The best part in doing what you love to do, is that you do not really consider travel blogging as an extra hard work, because where ever you go and what pleasure or heartbreaking moments these places or people may give you, you would be simply happy and satisfied to capture the experience and share on your network.


The people who share your experience on Facebook may not buy anything from you, but would absolutely help spread the word about your Philippine travel blog. Do you think you can be working as one of the biggest brands “brand ambassador” someday?


As for me, I just would like to begin in sharing interesting, swoon-worthy content to make you feel awesome and hope that your awesomeness can improve the traffic of this travel blog and also, increase its stickiness.



My tip for you

When I travel, I do not buy anything at all, unless I really like it or need it. I already have everything I need here in the Philippines so, why would I waste my dollars buying a bit expensive shirt or dress or shoes in other places?


Gone are those days that I buy presents for relatives and friends. Remember, I am on a budget travel so I’d rather keep every single centavo for the taxi, entrance fees, food, and travel tours.


Keep every single centavo as free as possible, just in case you would want to go to amusement centers, such as the Ocean Park, Disneyland, or Lantau Island in Hong Kong. Stop buying mementos you do not need and cannot use, because I know that when you get back to the Philippines, it will just land somewhere in your room and forgotten!


Instead, get a selfie! That will last forever. At least, you can create videos and earn as a YouTube Partner. Sounds like a plan hah!



Different shirt

One of the travel selfie ideas I learned from travelling is to wear different shirt colors or different shirt designs for travel photography and selfies in different countries. As much as possible, do not wear the same attire in different settings. You will thank me for this when you see your selfies and snapshots.


The maximum number of days that I travel within Asia is 5 days. You make it a habit and you will age less and rejuvenate more. I am not joking!


The minimum number of days that I travel outside is 3 to 4 days. That would at least justify the travel fees and the long hours I spent sitting on the plane doing nothing, but stare at the back of the passengers sitting on my front.


Traveling solo is one thing and being a woman traveling solo is what I consider as a major risk. I only explore the city and the main tourist spots published in the specific country. I try not to be too excited to explore remote areas or islands that are far from the mainland or main city. I don’t want to experience urban legend in any form you know, so no!



You can search for the cheapest airfare and accommodations here,

2GoTravel Destinations



The best part is that I do not drink alcohol and do not smoke, so I bet I am quite safe with drinks being mixed with something else, unless they can invent something that won’t taste with water.


I just hope the first world countries will offer visa free stay for non-immigrants, even if only for 30 days. It would be nice to explore their culture and get a small taste of their lifestyles, especially food! As the saying goes, once tasted, always wanted!


Blogging and traveling can be pretty exciting. You do not have to compete with the aggressive commuters in Cebu anymore when you work from home or in a laptop lifestyle. You just have to publish searchable, high quality content with useful information, and start to earn money from your blog.

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