It’s Not About the Pleasure Of Travel, It’s About The Freedom Experienced

If happiness is about getting what you want, then meaningfulness can be about expressing and defining yourself. Don’t you know that even though you can find meaning, you would still feel unhappy? An unhappy, but meaningful life is characterized by stress, struggle and challenges.


If the stress parts are things you cannot do away, because they are your way of life, then you just have to find a way to lessen the stress and lessen the interaction with the people who give it to you. There is nothing more consistent with unhappiness than spending your time in a way that doesn’t serve who you are.



People and living with some of them can be stressful. Do you know why? Because people are people and there are those who are insecure and do not have much accomplishments that they feel bitter with themselves and are getting jealous and insecure in a lot of ways.


If this is the character of your partner, then I guess you have to let go and avoid living a jailed life for a lifetime. The inauthenticity will eat you up. There is nothing wrong with being a separated Filipina.



If you want to be happy, you have to let go of where you were to get to where you can be. Get out of stress, out of your head, and create moments all by yourself.


Find happiness and fulfillment in everyday life. When you find peace and that sense of connection, surprisingly, all your problems become manageable. Although it is not realistic to be happy all the time, it is not practical to put yourself in an unhappy situation either.


For all the separated Filipinas out there, who are waging war with the mistresses of their husbands, please stop it! Inviting stress would get you into more trouble. Unfortunately, health care is not cheap.


Stop being a security guard of your husband and be the independent, happy person you want to be. This won’t get you nowhere. Let him go. If he loves you, he won’t do anything to hurt you.


Close your eyes and close your ears. Just be you and let him go. Someday, you will realize you do not need him at all. Do not fall into the trap of being unfulfilled and restless. Sleep and put your night cream on. If he can’t care enough to even make you a little happy, then why should you care for your erstwhile husband?


Do not chase philandering husbands, who were creative enough to tell stories about you that is not even yours and give you so much trouble. Men lie, so what? Let them lie and let them be happy.


Live your life the way you want it to be and never ever chase happiness by chasing your husband. Chase him to court for the financial support of your kids and you. Never, ever have him back!



Chasing happiness can chase it away. Fighting for happiness won’t make it come to you. Sometimes, you just have to let go and let God!


Finding happiness is actually about finding what can truly make you happy. Before anything else, have you even known yourself that much, enough to know what happiness really means to you?


Over the years, I constantly found myself in conversation with individuals who seem to be unhappy with their life, marriage, or job. I can feel the negative emotions and the stress oozing out from each individual. Negativity is pouring out of their very core.


Are you living a life that would define how you think about what happiness means? There are evidences that tell prizing happiness can actually make people unhappy. People in the pursuit of happiness, often ends up unsatisfied.


The reason for this is that as they go along chasing happiness, their definition for happiness changes and becomes unreachable. True happiness cannot come without freedom, because its basic ingredient is freedom! What do you think trapped you into this state of unhappiness?


Let’s talk about culture and how your society can make you unhappy and unfulfilled. Your community and your family may have created the trap you tread for yourself now. When you enter college, graduated, and started work, you have this dream that became an expectation.


The expectation is to work and become comfortable, if possible become a rich person with a good business or a good job position in a company. This is a trap. The society, you, and the expectations.


All is a trap you have to struggle and keep fighting until you have entangled misery and get what your family wants and what they have inculcated in your mind as what you want. The smaller sections of the society and the society as a whole are living in a trap.


Even in marriage, people often tell you to just continue suffering and praying even in a marriage that has the capability to make you insane and feel totally crazy. Hello, I think you need some action. Put a stop to the suffering and get out of your trap. Do you want to spend the rest of your life in misery?


This cycle continues from one cage to another. This is the basic reason why I feel happy when I travel. Traveling is an escape from this mundane life and a break from the cage that our situation and the society have created for ourselves.


Why can’t we just accept life as it is and stop minding what other people think, stop minding what level of financial comfort we have and just accept each other as we are. I consider myself a solo Filipina traveler whom on the other world, even with a few $$s, I found a place my spirit can breathe.


To get lost in a place is easier than to get lost in your own culture without a map. My truth about happiness is freedom from emotional pain and stress, loneliness, societal gossip and grapevine, along with the social awkwardness.


To cope up with expectations, just like chasing happiness, would make you unhappy and overwhelmed in the end. Chasing happiness would chase it away! These are not long lasting.


In this modern world, there is too much tension and stress throughout the body that barricades the happiness deep inside us. Our culture and our society have played a larger role in our ability to be happy. How does society define success and fulfillment? Fulfillment which is what we call as happiness?


We define success as having a good house, a good family, a great marriage, a great bank account, great dress, a good car, and many more. We have one definition of success and one definition of happiness.


Seeking this kind of happiness can be self-defeating in the end. The more people value it, the more likely they will feel disappointed. Stop comparing yourself and your life with what other people have, because there is always someone greater than you are and greater than them, that you won’t end up comparing and feel defeated!


Actually, we have to define happiness and success based on our ability to be comfortable, contented, and just be happy. For me, happiness is having a good health insurance that catches you when your body is in trouble. For me, happiness is being with your kids who loves you and with your mom and dad who would sacrifice everything for you, just to make you happy.


For me, you can be most happy when you find the person who really cares for you and wants you in his life! I’d rather have meaning in my life caring for the person I love and having to feel how the other person in my life cares for me.


Meaning in life can be difficult to define when society has already defined what happiness is. If you get stuck with what society wants, then you are doomed to be unhappy. It doesn’t matter where you are in this life. You gave your best to earn it.


Unfortunately, we are stuck in this fabric of life where people determined our happiness. Travel can help you find your purpose in life. Life without a real purpose cannot be fulfilling. We lost our meaning when we gave society the power to define what happiness is and what we should become.


The way human lives now is usually a reaction to the choices made by others. You cannot manipulate your own happiness by manipulating unhappiness. You have to find your own meaning and purpose in life.


I find mine when I went in solitude for many years. When I finally met freedom, I started traveling solo to places within and outside the Philippines. Always remember that what can make you happy, may not make other people happy, so always stick to following your own path to happiness and freedom.


Value inner peace and appreciate the little things in life. When you follow what can give you inner peace, you will see over time, that your perception about life and relationship with people will change.


Sometimes, you start to sound boring, but giving without asking any in return is a sign that you are on the road to finding your inner peace and freedom. Until you find your own path, you will find yourself following someone else’s.


You feel vulnerable when you think about whether you please the people around you or whether you were correctly meeting expectations. It is because what they expect may not be what you want. Your strength is contentment. Your happiness is the peace within you. You start living when you find your meaning.


Travel can open up your eyes about the freedom to be what you want to be. And that is to live without the dictates of society. Don’t force yourself to do what you feel uncomfortable doing. Do what you think is right and find your inner peace.


The life of a travel blogger is a life worth traveling, not only because it pays well, but because it opens your eyes to better ways in finding meaning and happiness. Travel can make you a happier person because it provides new memories and experiences in the absence of the people who had hurt you.




It breaks the routine of stress and pain. It allows you to step out of your comfort zone, meet new friends and gain new insights. So, the next time you are not in the mood and decide to take on a shopping spree, try scanning for cheap flights and affordable hotels outside the Philippines and see how things can take a surprise turn.


Being away from the usual trap makes you appreciate yourself more. When you start to see yourself and start to love yourself, then you found the first step to happiness!

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