How To Travel Outside The Philippines Without A Visa?

Travel without a visa as a Philippine passport holder and enjoy your stay at countries that don’t need visa for Philippines citizens. There are destinations around the world for Filipino travelers who want to fly to the nearest affordable travel destinations outside the Philippines. Many Filipinos want to break their life of routine and wish to travel abroad either as a tourist or an overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). However, most locals do not know which countries a Philippine passport holder can travel to without a visa.


Every year, more and more Filipinos have been wanting to travel outside the Philippines islands and have been quite repeatedly traveling to nearby countries, such as Hong Kong and Singapore. Just to let you know, some of the world’s most beautiful destinations are in Asia. Some of these destinations require a single flight, while others may require connecting flights.


Asia is the fascinating home of the world’s oldest cultures, untouched natural landscapes, delicious street food, and unforgettable friendly locals. Recently, most seasoned Filipino travelers have acquired a taste for far and exotic destinations, but for one remaining problem, how do you travel without a visa?


Have you ever wondered how far your Philippines passport can take you without a visa? As a Filipino, I often wondered why the US, UK, Australian and other countries are given the privilege to visit the Philippines anytime, while the Filipinos have to undergo the extra effort and hassle of applying for the visa before entering their countries.



Are you one of those people who yearn to travel across the borders without the hassle of applying for a visa? Yeah right, maybe I am just talking about traveling across countries without borders using your fingers.


While browsing on any online website digital images can be fun, I would want to actually experience what it is like to be there and how it is to interact with the people there.


Before my first travel to Hong Kong years ago, I thought that all people understand the English language. Well, I was wrong.


Most people in Hong Kong at that time do not understand English and I had to use the sign language just to tell them I need to pee. Imagine that! That was in the year 19something yet, before Hong Kong was given back to China.


It was hilarious. Surprising, but fun! However, it is not fun anymore when it is already night time and you do not know where to eat because you cannot find McDonald’s near your hotel.


It is the way you figure out how to connect with these people. The more you travel abroad, the better you are in navigating foreign environments. You become competent in maintaining eye contact and polishing your sign language ha ha ha. Embrace the discomfort!


Traveling alone can be pretty scary, especially if you are a woman, but over time you would be stiff bored doing your routine 6am to 10pm online tasks. I am adapting to globalization and outsourcing, but can I quickly extend it to real time travel anywhere outside the Philippines?


I am sure you are one of those people who do not want to undergo the hardships of getting a visa when traveling outside the Philippines islands. The fact is, getting a visa in Manila is just too inconvenient for those who are living outside Luzon.


I live in Cebu. Imagine having to book an appointment, pay plane fare, and staying in a hotel plus visa fees and other visa application trip related expenses. Going to Manila can be just like going directly from Cebu to Hong Kong or Cebu to Singapore. Saves the $$s and you can enjoy the trip without having to be on queue waiting for visa approval.


Photo taken July 13 2016 at Mactan International Airport, Cebu, Philippines

Photo taken July 13 2016, Hong Kong Airport


My only wish is to make all the visa applications online and the interviews like a chat box messenger. Humor me, but yes, I hope it would be more convenient and less cost in the future.


While it is good and more fun to travel within the Philippines, we Filipinos are really fun of reaching unique destinations outside the Philippines and sending our selfies to Facebook. I knew it. You are one of us!


Your proud self can’t be beaten. You’ll be bragging about your travels on FB even if you are still on the site taking selfies of your vacation. I bet you are sending the photos right after your picture taking. Girl, updated!


Here is the sad part. Because we live in the Third World country, our passports have lesser or limited traveling and visa privileges. What it is about being a citizen of a Third World country anyway?


When people talk about the poorest countries of the world, they often refer to them in general as the Third World. These countries were categorized based on their political rights and civil liberties, gross national income (GNI), human development (HDI), and freedom of information within a country.


To understand more about the label, Third World, we can define them as a group of countries that have colonial histories and are in the process of developing economically and socially from a status characterized by low incomes, dependence on agriculture, weakness in trading relations, social deprivation for large segments of the society, and restricted political and civil liberties.


By this definition the Third World comprises approximately of the 100 states in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean. The combined population of over 4 billion accounts for 77% of the world’s total and their territories covers nearly 58% of the world’s land area.


So, if you can grasp the picture. Travel is a privilege for the First World and the few rich individuals of the Third World. If you haven’t realized it. Travel is definitely out of reach for a large percentage of the world’s population.


Photo taken July 13 2016, Disneyland, Hong Kong


Ladies, here is one great news for you so you don’t get bitter thinking your status is considered below the poverty line even if you are living comfortably here in the Philippines.


There are many foreign nationals out there leaving their country because they cannot afford the cost of living anymore. Meaning, depending on your luck (fate or whatever), you can be better off living in a Third World than in the First World. Smile …


They are migrating to the Philippines because it is much cheaper here. Indeed, more business for us (tourism), and more dollars for us! Isn’t that wonderful?


Be proud being a Filipino. Do not resent you cannot travel to the First World countries, because they are very strict with their visa requirements. I can see a disbalance of the incoming and outgoing dollars there.


We have the privilege to grow richer each time they exercise their visa free travel privileges, because they are spending their hard earned dollars on us! This means raising our gross national income.


Now, about the countries you can visit. Check the complete list at the Official Gazette of the Philippines

  • Bolivia – 60 days
  • Brazil – 90 days
  • Brunei – 14 days
  • Cambodia – 21 days
  • Colombia – 90 days
  • Costa Rica – 30 days
  • Ecuador – 90 days
  • Hong Kong SAR – 14 days
  • Indonesia – 30 days
  • Laos – 30 days
  • Malaysia – 30 days
  • Palau – 30 days, visa upon arrival (with return/onward plane ticket)
  • Peru – 60 days
  • Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Singapore – 30 days
  • Thailand – 30 days
  • Tuvalu – 30 days, visa upon arrival (with return/onward plane ticket)
  • Vanuatu – 30 days, visa upon arrival (with return ticket)
  • Vietnam – 21 days
  • Zambia – visa upon arrival; 3 months for tourism, 1 month for business




No visa? No problem. Just visit the free visa countries first and if you still have the time and the dollars, you can try applying for those countries with visa requirements later.


My target is to travel at the visa free countries first. If I get bored seeing the same skin color and similar ethnicity, then maybe I would try getting a visa to countries that are hard to get.


If I get one, I would be more happy to get a thousand selfies in different places. Pictures are fond memories. Get on it while your skin is not that wrinkled yet.


Traveling abroad is necessary. Let me tell you why. I grew up with a nanny. I just learned to wash my clothes when I was already in college.


I learned to cook when I got married. And I learned to use the washing machine and electric water heater when I stayed for a week in my brother in law in Australia.


Seeing other places makes you compare what made the countries you visited more cleaner than the Philippines. What made the Philippines progress so slow?


Don’t let the opportunity to know certain facts and things pass you by. Expose yourself to new ways of life and maybe when you come back, you can decide to make some effort and contribute change in your country.


Photos taken July 15 2016, Cafe De Coral Restaurant, Hong Kong


I have a scholarship publication site to help the Filipino students earn their college degree without paying their tuition fees. Isn’t that wonderful?


Become more connected with yourself and the world outside you. Immerse yourself in another environment and expand your palette. Learning through adventure starts anytime.


Save for the plane fare, hotel and some targeted recreational fun tours. Me? I just target a thousand dollars for the pocket money, which includes food and bus fares already.


You do not need to be rich to travel abroad. You just need some guts and planning to make it happen! Find affordable travel destinations outside the Philippines and travel without a visa in Asia. I am sure you already scoured the list of countries you can travel to with no visa from Philippines.

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