How Do You Travel On A Budget Without Over Spending?

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Travel on a vacation budget and find small business opportunities while you enjoy your complimentary hotel stay as a travel blogger. Enjoy travel discounts and vacation deals while you improve the content of your personal blog. Actually, a budget vacation does not have to be boring. So, find a travel agency or a hotel that can offer you a detailed, highly budgeted vacation itinerary without you having to spend time doing some vacation planning and picking up the places to go for your vacation itinerary. It is not easy to travel on a budget, but if you are a travel blogger, you can create small business opportunities by asking the hotel if you can do them some featured blog advertising targeted to solo budget travelers and just see how the negotiation goes.


Indulge in your vacation holiday without going overboard your travel budget and have a great time without overspending. The best way to fly over without ripping your pockets of your trip abroad is to get a travel agency that offers cheap airline tickets plus hotel travel discounts.  A careful vacation planning of your trip abroad may result in small business opportunities where you get paid to blog for your stay.


Make the most of your travel without overspending. Do not blow your travel budget and fix your vacation holiday itinerary before you step on that plane.


Avoid overspending your life savings in holiday trips by carefully planning where to go and what to bring. What to bring includes the clothes that you need to wear for your rendezvous and night outs in certain cities, especially if you are travelling outside the country.


Traveling on a budget and being a budget traveler is not all about how to budget for a big trip, but also, about how to make the most of your travels without overspending. This definitely includes bringing enough clean clothes to wear for your solo travel photography and selfies on the road.



Admit it, you love to fly international, even if you have to travel on a budget, but just won’t give it a try, because you are afraid you are going to lose all that life savings. Well, what is savings without a life to remember?


Something inside us craves once in a while to go to places. Most people would just content themselves that they cannot travel because they do not have money and they live on a tight budget.


Perhaps you would want to transcend from looking at spectacular places on the internet to really try out traveling on your own. Unfortunately, most women cannot travel without having a companion.


Try being alone for awhile and just enjoy the scenery by yourself. It is a blessing to consider having to enjoy anything on your own without stress.


find cheap flights to travel Hong Kongfind hotel booking promotions and discounts for Hong Kong travel destinationSilka West Hotel Hong Kong travel vacation

Photo taken July 13 2016 At Silka West Hotel, Hong Kong


Here is why you should sometimes travel alone

  • It would take years to synchronize your vacant time with your friend’s approved vacation leaves and holidays.


  • It would take a lot of discussion to agree where to go and what kind of trip to engage with abroad.


  • It would take at least an hour to decide with another lady friend what to eat at lunch and dinner.


  • It would take at least two hours to prepare yourself and then wait for your lady friend to get done with her shower and makeup.


  • It sucks when your friend borrows money from you because she already spent everything on souvenirs and she cannot pay her bus fare and other trips, not even food!


  • Your lady friend can be dominant at times or feels tired and cannot keep your pace of excitement exploring the city during your tour abroad.


  • She does not take good pictures, but you do. So, her pictures are always better looking than yours.


  • She eats more of your food and you end up eating leftovers.


  • She borrows your makeup and perfume, including shirts and deodorants, yaiks!


I would call this the hardships of travel. Having a buddy or a company can be disengaging to the scenery.


Of course, you won’t be able to enjoy the view, because your friend might prefer this and that and when you don’t give in, you tend to snob each other. What a pity!


travel on a budget, cheaper flights and hotel bookings Hong Kong

Photos taken July 12 2015 at Harbour & Peninsula, Hong Kong


My advice? Travel alone and make sure that you plan your vacation itinerary very well. Keep your budget vacation deals worth every penny you spend.


Remember, your happiness relies on where you go. It would be annoying and highly frustrating to would want to walk and explore the place, take pictures, but your companion is already pouting and is not cooperative anymore. Can you please put her on a plane and just get her out of your life right there and then!!! Duh.


Read about the place and just stay within the city. Do not go to remote areas for safety reasons. There are many tourist spots you still need to see.


Although five days won’t be enough to savor the scenery, but it can be fulfilling enough for you. Besides, you can always go back sometime over the years.


I have been to Hong Kong 4 times already as of this writing and to Singapore twice. Each time I visit a place, I always take a lot of pictures.



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To keep yourself from being sick in a place that is full of strangers, refrain from eating street food and just eat at cheap restaurants. For me, I just look for McDonalds and anything that sells food under a popular brand. Also, drink only mineral water and never tap water.


Plan your routes and mode of transport. If possible, enjoy the walk. Believe me, you won’t enjoy much if you always ride a train or a bus. You may as well go home and go bus hopping here.


Always keep in mind that buying souvenirs can eat up your budget. Just buy something for your dad and mom or siblings and not the whole clan. That is not practical anymore.


When you are strolling at stores, just stroll! Buy only the things you need and do not just purchase anything because you find them cute. Well, that cute one can be a lot of $$s straight from your pocket.


Asia travel destination Singapore cheap flights

Photo taken December 14 2014 at China Town, Singapore


Let me tell you something. I have managed to travel on a budget alone, but never buy so many things in places I’ve visited.


I keep one practical idea in mind – I have what I need and if I buy those things, they would likely end up in my trash back home. It is because those things you may want to buy may look cute and seems a good price for you, but when you get home, they all park in your box and eventually left forgotten. There goes your $$s.



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I always keep telling myself that I have what I need back home and this vacation is simply a means to experience other people’s culture and way of living. Being with them and taking your travel photography and selfies on their popular tourist spots would definitely change your perception about what the other side of the world looks like.


Months before you travel, try to search for discount travel deals and promos. I always search at the Cebu Pacific and the for this. Book ahead for the flight and then wait for discount adverts and promotions from hotels in those places. This is one of the basic tips to avoid blowing your travel budget.


By the way, you need to have a credit card for your online booking of cheap flights and hotels in Cebu. This is more convenient for you. Hotels would also need your credit card information for the reservation.


Don’t forget to call your bank and inform them of the specific place and dates of your trip abroad. They declined cards used abroad without the proper notifications.


Hong Kong travel destination cheap flightssolo traveller Filipina to Hong Kong TravelHong Kong travel destination Asia cheap flights

Photo taken July 13 2015 At the Harbour In Hong Kong (traveled alone)


Do not rely on pure credit card spending while outside the Philippines, because the conversion or exchange rate will tickle your finances later. Make sure to bring enough cash for the bus fees and food trips.


Take a spring break vacation without blowing your budget. Learn how to have a Philippine grand vacation without overspending. Traveling on a budget does not need skills, but is only a matter of prioritizing needs.


Do not ever forget your phone, camera, and powerbank. That is a mortal sin! How could you!!!

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