Twin Lagoon Ultimate Tour Coron, Palawan

Twin Lagoon Coron Palawan

The Twin Lagoon is the reason I went to Coron, Palawan. Little did I know that I would stand dumbfounded enchanted with the beauty of Coron, its amazing island hopping tour packages and travel destinations. Take in the highlights of Coron in short one day trips to the limestone rock formations and lakes. Are you ready to swim with your life in a zero visibility fresh + saltwater lagoon?


The fist lagoon is where the boats dock and people can swim openly with the other tourists. The second lagoon is hidden and the only access is the small crevice underneath the huge rock formation. I called it limestone mountain.


The boat tour guide will swim with you to guide you to the hidden lagoon. Make sure you have a waterproof bag for your camera and wallet. Do not bring your credit cards on the boat. You cannot swipe it!


The Twin Lagoon was a good break for my travel photography skills. Oh yeah! I do not need to seek for a good background, because nature has already provided. All I have to do is to make sure my face looks neat enough for the photo session.


Just to tease you. Have you ever been to a place that will leave you mesmerized and get you wondering if paradise is nature?


Shirley Chio in Twin LagoonTwin Lagoon Shirley ChioTwin Lagoon Boat TourTwin Lagoon Island

Photos taken August 18 2017 at the Twin Lagoon, Coron, Palawan, Philippines


Standing in the midst of the boat, what comes to my mind was the world Adam and Eve lived before they sinned. It could be more beautiful than the beauty of nature right in front of me. Nature truly is a paradise!


The unspoiled beauty of the Twin Lagoon and the well maintained, very clean and clear waters are so stunning. All you can say is “oh” with a loud gasp.


Stunned and mystified, all I did was immersed myself with its magic and then take a lot of photos. Thanks to technology, our phones now are digital.


I am not a regular admirer of nature, but this place got me deeply. Shall I say an arrow shoot me right to my heart? I love everything in the Twin Lagoon.

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