UNILAD Gives You £100 For Your Video

UNILAD gives you money for your video if accepted

Share your content and grab £100 while you’re at it. Whether it is a must see moment of comedy gold, an unbelievable skill or just something that’s flat out bizarre, send it their way and if they put it up on the official UNILAD Facebook page, you are going to receive your £100.


Of course, terms and conditions apply. As the sole owner of the video, you give the permission for exclusive publishing on UNILAD and their associated companies for their use at their sole discretion. In exchange, you will be given the opportunity to receive a one off payment of £100 if the video is used on the UNILAD Facebook pages as a stand alone post, and not part of the compilation.


UNILAD is a British internet media company and website that provides social news and entertainment with a social first approach. It is a company that creates and licenses original content.


In 2016, it was named the top Facebook page and online video channel in the world. Its channel specializes in technology, travel and other topics.  It has about 17 million followers in 2016.


You can also submit your picture to UNILAD, but there is no compensation for that. UNILAD was founded in 2010 but shut down in 2012. It was relaunched in 2014 under new owners Liam Harrington and Sam Bentley.



Their audience first strategy really works to bring them millions of likes in their Facebook page. Content must provide value to your audience. It has to fit some sort of role, whether it is educational, inspirational, entertaining or encourage a strong emotional reaction.


This is something UNILAD mastered on their Facebook page. By tweaking its headlines to be more like its Facebook posts, they set the trend for longer Facebook videos among the top performing videos.


Mastering how audiences like to consume content, in the places that they were originally encountering it, helped form their social and digital strategies overall. The stories can be heartwarming and emotional, humorous and out of the ordinary.


In 2017, they place interesting facts or product announcements in their top stories. Comments were seen as stronger indicators of interest and noteworthiness in general, especially when compared with likes.


New or weird products or jobs, and content that prompts an agreement or disagreement drive the most comments for this publisher. Also, the headlines are almost formulaic.


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Some of the stories present an opportunity that the reader can jump in or share with specific friends that might be interested. Some are just bizarre, and drive comments for that aspect, or how relatable they are.


The publishers’ ability to adapt and still engage their audience is quite remarkable. Their Facebook audience seems to respond well to the same content as their web audience.


As a quick tip to video makers and bloggers, content remains king, as does understanding what your audience will come to you for. So, if you want to make money as a side gig,



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