Can ChatSim Unlimited Chatting And Internet Browsing Plans Give Me More Savings?

Enjoy internet anywhere and have fun sharing your photos and videos with your WhatsApp, Viber or any messenger app without paying a penny each time you communicate with friends of family.  ChatPlans gives you unlimited text messages and emoji anywhere in the world for P1,000 a month or P2,000 a year. The base plan includes unlimited text message and emoji anywhere in the world.


The Internet + Chat Plan allows you to surf the internet and chat without limits. Select the country of your trip and find out how much the internet plan best suited to your needs costs. With the ChatSim Internet + Chat, your data traffic with messenger apps is free and unlimited.


Philippines is in the Zone 3, and the data allocation is 200 MB. The sim card costs is P1,000. The Internet + Chat plan has a fee of P1,000 valid for 30 days after activation and lets you exchange text messages, photos, videos, and more without consuming the data traffic of your internet plan.


Charges are in the increments of 100 kb. As we all know, Kb data charging remains to be expensive. The P1,000 + cost is still expensive. Compared to our local Globe prepaid plans for the internet, you get more value for a thousand already.


You can buy the sim and load here,




I am convinced this is still not affordable and too expensive having to load over a P1,000 in a month for regular use, but if you are traveling, I think you can save using the ChatSim. Here is one thing to consider, if the internet won’t lag when you use it in a day, then I would go for it!

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