University of the Philippines Open University, What Is It?

An Open University offers everyone equal opportunities using distance education through specific didactics and media. It has been designed to raise the level of education by providing retraining as a way of attracting potential students who want to pursue a degree, and as a result, raise the level of literacy in a particular region or country. The term open university usually refers to a university with an open door academic policy, which may include having no entry requirements.


The reason behind this move is to make higher education accessible to all citizens of the Philippines. This is why open universities are open to you even if you do not have a certificate from secondary school. In some cases, you go through a screening process, but no high standard entry requirements, and with minimum average grade.


The mental screening ensures that the admitted students have an adequate mental capacity and maturity to deal with the challenges and the environment of academic studies. The open university also provides specific services for disabled persons and for people studying at a home/workplace at their own time and pace.


Just how do you find these open universities in the Philippines? By simply searching on the internet after typing open universities, you will find plenty of relevant results, names of universities nationwide, each presenting their interesting offer with courses. Choose the one that appeals to you and gives you a pleasant learning experience.


In the Philippines, the most popular Open University is the UPOU or the University of the Philippines Open University. UPOU espouses Open and Distance e-Learning (ODeL), where the students utilizes an open source learning management system (LMS) as its virtual classroom, called as the MyPortal. The UP Open University offers the following degree programs



Undergraduate Programs

Associate in Arts

Bachelor of Education Studies (BES)

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies (BAMS)


Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate in Distance Education (within the Master of Distance Education)

Graduate Certificate in ASEAN Studies


Diploma Programs

Diploma in Science Teaching

Diploma in Mathematics Teaching

Diploma in Language and Literacy Education

Diploma in Social Studies Education

Diploma in Computer Science

Diploma in International Health

Diploma in Land Valuation & Management

Diploma in Social Work

Diploma in Research and Development Management

Diploma in Lang Use Planning

Diploma in Women and Development



Masters of Distance Education

Masters of Arts in Language and Literacy Education

Master of Arts in Social Studies Education

Master of Development Communication

Master of Information Systems

Master of ASEAN Studies

Master of International health

Master of Land Valuation & Management

Master of Social Work

Master of Arts in Nursing

Master of Public Management

Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management




Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Doctor of Communication



How to apply for the undergraduate program?

Students in Grade 12 should take and pass the UPCAT. The UPCAT qualifiers should follow the procedure below to be admitted to an UPOU program. Accomplish the online application form and then mail or bring the print copy of your application form on or before the application deadline to


The Admission Section

Office of the University Registrar

UP Open University

Los Banos, Laguna 4031



Wait for an email from the OUR informing you about the results of your application. You can also monitor the progress of your application in your OAS account. A list of the admitted students will be posted at the OUR microsite.




Payment by credit card through the UPOU Cash Office POS terminal. You will be charged an additional fee of 4.5% for the use of bank facilities.


Cash payment at the cashier’s office, UPOU, Los Banos, Laguna.


Payment through a PNB Branch, Bank Transfer or Remittance Center.






Contact information

The Admissions Section

Office of the University Registrar

UP Open University

Los Banos, Laguna 4031


Telephone: 049 536 6001 local 199/ 441




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