Varicose Veins Nonsurgical Treatment, Self Management

Any vein can become a varicose vein. The most commonly affected are the veins in your legs and feet, where standing and walking upright increases the pressure in the veins of your lower body. Varicose veins home treatment may not be as effective as you expect, because most people think of the spider vein as simply a cosmetic problem, which is one reason they are not found to be most diligent in following self-guides and self-management how tos.


Varicose vein treatment in Cebu may not mean being admitted or staying in a hospital for an uncomfortable recovery. Thanks to less invasive procedures, this cosmetic problem that is giving you much uncomfortable pain can generally be treated on an outpatient basis. No insurance will cover treatment of varicose veins for purely cosmetic reasons.



Self-care can be as easy as losing weight, elevating the legs, exercising, not wearing tight clothes, and not sitting or standing for long periods of time.  Prolonged sitting and prolonged standing is bad for your veins’ health. You should at least walk or move every 30 minutes to keep the blood flowing and improve the blood circulation.


Poor circulation occurs when the blood is not able to flow freely through the body due to a blockage in the arteries or veins. This means that your legs, feet, hands, arms, heart and brain are not receiving all the nutrients they need and not enough blood either. Combined, this can lead to life threatening


  • High blood pressure
  • Vertigo and dizziness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Numbness
  • Leg ulcers
  • Blood clots
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Carpal tunnel
  • Strokes
  • Varicose veins
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Organ damage




To deal with the painful ill effects of these conditions, if you are suffering from poor blood circulation, you should struggle to perform athletically. You cannot recover as fast as you may wish for if you are not getting oxygen to your muscles and getting rid of lactic acid and other waste from the body.


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For virtual assistants like me who works on their laptop day and night always sitting, you should know that not doing any walking or moving every 30 minutes of sitting can result in poor blood flow. Your blood circulation slows when your muscles aren’t moving.


With less movement, you use less glucose and burns less fat. This may lead to further complications, other than having varicose veins, your slow blood flow allows fatty acids to clog the heart, thus causing high blood pressure and an elevated cholesterol. This is why some people who are living a sedentary lifestyle are twice as likely to develop a deep vein thrombosis and a cardiovascular disease.


Getting a massage every now helps improve blood circulation and ensures a good flow of blood through your body. The long stroking movements help the fluid move through the circulatory system. It increases permeability in the fibrous tissues, as well as allows more fluids and nutrients to flow through the tissues.


When you have poor circulation, varicose veins and leg cramps may occur. Dark circles under the eyes as well as general eye problems can also result circulation that isn’t as good as it should be. Even memory loss is associated with poor circulation problems. A weak circulatory system can also manifest itself with leg ulcers, discolored skin, and leg swelling.


Scientific studies can’t emphasize enough the importance of exercise to get enough blood circulation. Even something as walking for 20 minutes can improve your blood flow. Start your exercise slowly and build up the intensity over time and move on to more strenuous activities, such as running, swimming, and walking.


Elevating the legs and lifting the legs can empty the veins and relieve the stress from the vessels in that area of the body. Legs should be elevated above the heart level for at least 20 minutes to promote vein drainage and improve circulation.


It is best to rotate your feet and wiggle your toes, while the legs are being elevated to help with the circulation. You already know you should be getting up and moving around periodically while performing your work from home desk job.


New research shows that sometimes passengers not moving around enough when board on a long flight are likely to develop a blood clot. The classic struggle of airplane travel is the cramp factor. This means that travelers taking over four hours flight face a two to three fold increase in the risk of developing a blood clot.


Immobility increases the risk of developing a blood clot, which becomes serious when the blood from these veins feed back up to the lungs, called as pulmonary embolism and is potentially fatal enough to cause sudden death.


For women, lack of blood flow to your scalp can lead to hair loss. The same is true of your nails. Poor blood flow to your hands and feet can cause problems such as hair loss and weak nails. Scalp massage increases blood flow to the head and helps improve hair thickness. Impaired circulation causes brittle nails.



Home treatment

Wearing compression stockings is the usual first approach to varicose veins home treatment. The compression may vary by type and brand, but it can steadily squeeze the legs, thus helping the veins and leg muscles move the blood more efficiently.


Get moving and do some 5 minute exercises every 30 minutes of sitting on your desk. Walking is a great way to encourage blood circulation in your legs. Sculpt toned muscles and target stubborn fat with simple walking workouts. Start at a comfortable speed.


Calorie burn will vary depending on weight, walking speed, and workout duration. The quicker you walk, the farther you can go and the more pounds you’ll melt off. Aim to walk faster and go farther than your initial turnaround point.


Watch your weight and your diet. Keep a nutritious diet meal plan with a low salt and low carbs, absolutely less sugar and no cola diet to prevent water retention and leg swelling. A heavier weight causes unnecessary pressure off your veins.


If possible, do not wear high heels and tight clothes. Low heeled shoes work calf muscles more. Tight clothes can reduce blood flow.


Change your position often and avoid prolonged sitting or standing. Do not sit with your legs crossed. Prevention and treatment may literally mean simply improving your blood circulation and getting active.


A lifestyle change is necessary in preventing the varicose veins from forming or becoming worse. Varicose veins normally get worse over time. To control and manage the pain, you should be brave and determined to create the necessary lifestyle changes.



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