What Is Virtual Real Estate Investing?

understanding real estate investing

Virtual real estate wholesaling is something new for me. I always think that real estate deals should be done the traditional way and that you should visit the house to make the purchase or to sell. The industry has evolved and now investors just sell and purchase properties online. You do not need to be rich to start in virtual real estate wholesaling.


This type of business welcomes individuals looking to break into real estate investing with little to no money and those who are looking to make additional streams of income while learning the real estate business. No cash? No credit? No problem!


Investors can be real estate investors and house flippers who are looking to raise additional funds to purchase more properties to rehab and flip. Anyone who is looking to make money as a real estate investor virtually anywhere in the world, without actually having to leave the house 365 days a year while he sleeps.


Earn as you learn to invest in any market from anywhere as you plugin into a live, operating virtual real estate investment firm and get a live one-on-one help to close deals over the phone.  By plugging into a live operating business, you earn while you learn on live deals, not theory.


The virtual real estate investing is the blue ocean with no competition and no barrier to entry beyond a computer and internet connection. Literally, anyone can do this. You can definitely do deals anywhere.



Imagine the ability to work and make money from anywhere on earth or even 30,000 feet above it in a plane with nothing but a cellular or internet connection. No time wasted setting up your own systems. You simply get to make money.


No matter where you are, no matter what your experience, you can begin investing in real estate virtually all over the US with no cash or credit and nothing but a computer, iPad or iPhone and an internet connection. Generate leads for free on Craigslist and put together highly profitable contract assignment deals to break free of whatever situation you are in right now!


Of course, this system works, only if you work to understand it and are committed. The method is very simple. Generate hot seller leads for retail contract assignments and then generate buyers with cash who want them.


The goal is to generate properties under contract and then sell. Works like a charm! The question is, can you grow a successful real estate business without even seeing the properties you buy?


If you have a computer and an internet connection and can speak on the phone, you can start doing virtual real investment deals today. Let us clear one thing. They are actually contract assignment deals. The idea is to turn and burn deals for higher profits with no marketing expense.


virtual real estate investing United States


Go to Craigslist and find the market you want to do deals. It can be any market. Doesn’t have to be your local market.


Stay away from Miami. Stay away from properties listed by Realtors, property managers or that indicate they want a large down payment.


Step 1: Go to Housing > Apt/ Housing For Rent


Step 2: Select properties that are 300k+ or $2k+ per month for a payment minimum. If you are in California, Nevada, Arizona, New York, New Jersey or Florida, then look for $500k+ and $3500+ per month minimum.


If they have a number, send them a text message. If they don’t have a number, simply email them. This is a numbers game. Do not use and email address related to an investment company. Use a personal email address.


You need an inventory at first, if you are still beginning, to build your buyer’s list. Later, you may have a buyer first before searching for the property.


It is important you understand the whole process. You may prepare a script. The best deal would be looking a vacant property whose owner wants to sell but can’t and does not want to rent.


This type of people is looking for a solution and you can provide that solution with an actual buyer using a contract that’s in compliance with the law.


If you do not have a website and want to plug into a live operational business where there’s instant inventory that you can market to generate buyer leads, that would be good for a beginner like you.


This is no joke. All you need is a decent internet connection and a reliable computer and you can be pretty much unstoppable when it comes to monetizing the next deal that comes across your desk. Your geographic location shouldn’t be stopping you either.


Remote Investing


Remote investing

Can you really be an effective communicator, negotiator, coordinator, closer, researcher, appraiser, advertiser and an overall entrepreneur without ever meeting face to face with your prospects, customers and clients?


Think out of the box. If you could eliminate 90% of your questions on the front end, that would be enough information for you to move forward. This can be a good way to learn wholesaling step by step especially how to connect and understand the investor clients.


The best would be investing on vacant land. You would be able to see almost every aspect of a property anywhere on earth and can do the investigation from the home using online resources. With houses, you may need a good home inspector and a competent property manager.


The essential steps in virtual investing would be Property Research, Communication and Closing and Marketing Mediums. For property research you can use

Zillow for estimating market values and understanding the local market.

Google Earth for finding accurate and reliable data on topography, surroundings and street views of the properties.

County websites where the property resides.

WeGoLook property inspection services for in-depth, on-site property inspection without setting foot on the property.


Marketing mediums can be, Craigslist, Zillow, Facebook and Twitter or your website.


Headlines and listings

One of the greatest skills you can acquire as a real estate investor is the ability to write compelling property listings that sell properties quickly.


Every industry has to adapt and evolve with technological advancements and real estate is not immune. This unique approach allows you to fix and flip properties from a distance, remotely.


If you buy something with a house on it, then you need to bring in inspectors, contractors, realtors, property managers to confirm repairs. Try not to over rehab beyond what neighborhood bears.


Buying just the vacant lot can be much easier for beginners. Follow process and systems. Choose the market and learn how to underwrite properties. I understand taking the first step is the most difficult, but taking action is also your most crucial part.


For your protection, always have a verbal conversation with the seller always. Develop a process in authenticating the property before paying the seller.


Real estate investing is one of the greatest wealth building strategies of our time. Demand for real estate investment deals is greater than the supply. There are more people buying than selling investment properties at a discount.


The market cycle will most likely change when the average middle class worker isn’t able to afford to overpay for a home of the mortgage payment anymore as wages and income are not increasing at the same rate that the property prices are increasing.


Dig deeper and start outbound marketing to find deals direct from homeowners instead of relying on listed properties. Start locating properties in virtual markets outside of where you live that have less competition and more deals available. Midwest prices are still pretty low at this time!

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