Embrace Fatness, Burn It And Lose It With These Weight Loss Ideas

weight loss ideas

There are easy ways to help you trim crazy fatness. Depending on your self-discipline, you can quickly lose the fat in a few weeks. This may not sound too scientific but is much better than crash dieting. If you are sick of losing weight and then putting it back on again, you should try building your muscles or expending the energy you just fed your body. Honestly, the trick to losing weight without sudden impact on health due to crash dieting is to understand that you either have to minimize food intake or increase your energy expenditure. Make the, “Eat Less and Move More,” as your new goal in 2019.


Regardless of the kind of diet plan or weight loss program you join, make sure you do not eliminate any nutrients or food group. Losing weight at the cellular level may not be that difficult if you know what and when to eat.


You only need to go back to the time of your ancestors and start eating vegetables and fruits. Yes, it is as simple as that. Go back to your roots, burn fat and drop a few pounds in a matter of 3 months.


If you are tired of reading the fat content on food labels, you can simply lose weight by eating less in a smart way. Just eat more fruits and vegetables.


Fruits and vegetables have always been a part of a nutritious diet meal plan. They are a better way to reclaim youth and vitality, even when you are in your 50s.



Eat foods that contain a lot of water, such as soups and smoothies. But, when you replace a meal with soups and smoothies, make sure it is the dinner and not the breakfast.


Stick to healthier options, including the time of the day you may want to consume less calories. Keep in mind that soups and smoothies only work when eaten as part of a nutritious diet.


Drink water 30 minutes before you eat any meal. Also, drink one glass of water after waking up. This helps remove the toxins.


One more thing. Allow the body to absorb the nutrients first. Do not drink water too soon after a meal because it will dilute the digestive juices.


Eat less carbohydrates and calories. Stay away from sugar and processed grains, especially in the morning!


Also, the US dietary guidelines have been promoting the Mediterranean diet, which is more about eating plant based food so people can reduce their waistline in a healthy way. Why don’t you give it a try? It is good for the heart.


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Less food, more fat to lose

A woman’s metabolic train starts to slow down as her birthdays add up. When a woman reaches 30s, the metabolism starts to slow down about 5% every decade.


Your metabolism slows down a lot earlier than you might think. Unfortunately, it reaches its peak by age 30 and then your muscle mass and strength start to decline, which causes the body to burn fewer calories, leading to weight gain.


You should keep this in mind if you want to maintain a slimmer body. Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.


The ancient way of eating is a no-brainer common sense. Our body adapts to the way we eat. When you are hungry, your body does not necessarily want food, but craves for nutrition.


To fully satiate your hunger, the key is to feed your body with nutrient dense food. The truth is, you will never really get satisfied if you quell your hunger with empty calories or doctored food like fast food and processed food.


The nutrient poor processed food can distort your appetite and make you crave for more calories. As a result, you tend to eat more calories than you needed in a day.


Where will those calories go? Definitely, they would get stored in your stomach as visceral fat!


Now, let us humor each other with this common state of mind…


Caught up with a vision of your younger self? Imagine a 30 year old eating a set number of calories a day to maintain at least a weight of 140 pounds. At age 50, eating the same set number of calories would make you gain weight than maintain an ideal weight. Is this clear?


I see you didn’t recognize you are already 50 and not 30 anymore. How time flies! Dietary modifications should be done as you age girl.


The solution is really simple – eat less, weigh less! This is a lifestyle and a long term fat loss program.


Many lifestyle factors can affect your weight, such as eating more meat, fast food indulgence, lack of sleep, and less physical activity. For most of us, the decision to transition to an active lifestyle is quite difficult, especially if you still have to figure out what to do and how to do it each day.


In fact, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found out that eating more fresh produce may not lead to weight loss if you are still eating more high calorie foods. Indeed, a lifestyle change is very important when you want a smaller waist.


What I did…


I first transitioned from eating rice to replacing it with a quick 5 minute cooking oatmeal. At the age of 51, I started juicing, but after 3 months the juicer broke and it cost a lot to buy a new one. I bought a new blender instead and there came my magic smoothie, which I drink every meal.


Reshaping a matured woman’s body shape may need a few things, such as diet, exercise and less stress. Consistent exercise and eating real food in sensible portions plus the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables can amazingly transform your health and your body shape.


Juicing or blending my fruits and vegetables gives me the right boost of nutrients that I need at this delicate stage of my life. Maximizing fat loss when your metabolism is slowing down and planning your meals with ease by blending can be as easy as saying fruits and vegetables!


All I can say is that you should eat less as you age and mind your carbohydrate intake. Interested in losing weight? Eat more fiber.


A reduced calorie, nutritionally balanced diet meal plan can help you trash those pounds fast. Of course, a behavior change is needed to make today’s goal a tomorrow’s reality! And yes, behavior change is a must do and not an option.



Why eat less?

The conversion of food to energy and how your body used that energy is called as your metabolism. Having a good metabolism is crucial in maintaining your desired or ideal body weight.


You need to limit your calorie intake and change your preference for high carb foods. An excess of calories can lead to fat storage and weight gain.


When you eat less, you trigger the power of your catabolic process. Missing a meal is a big no. However, you need to eat less carbohydrates at each meal.


Keep in mind that calories always count, portions count, nutrition counts, and your lifestyle counts. Know what to eat and how much to eat, then you get results fast without counting calories.


This easy to follow weight loss strategy can help you manage and influence your metabolism.  Eating less increases the body’s primal biological compensation mechanism.


eat less weight loss program blending and juicing



Portion counts – eat less

Portion control is very important in maintaining your ideal body weight. Eating less can help you trigger and manipulate your metabolism.


Portion size matters. Used a smaller plate when eating your meals. A smaller plate won’t tempt you to put more and eat more on your plate!


Studies have shown people consistently eat more food when eating in bigger plates. Avoid eating to eat-all-you-can restaurants. Stop being a party girl. You will see some changes in your weight in a few weeks.



Juicing and blending

Smoothies are the perfect and quickest health drinks you can get. Add almost anything, even your oatmeal, and burn fat faster. Oats are rich in fiber and can help you feel full longer, thus helping you prevent binge-eating or cravings.


Fruits and vegetables are good for losing weight and in keeping you healthy. No one would argue with that. Juicing and blending are making it easier to do just that.


The difference between juicing and blending is what’s left out of the process. With juicing, you are essentially removing all fibrous materials, leaving only the liquid of the fruits and vegetables.


With blending, you get it all. You get blended fruits and vegetables that retain all their fiber for healthy digestion. Researchers found that a blended fruit had a higher concentration of the beneficial antioxidants because it is primarily contained in the fibrous membranes of the fruit.




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Fat loss is possible if you are willing to change your lifestyle. Buy a blender and a juicer if it’s not too inconvenient for your pockets. One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to eat more fruits and vegetables, eat less carbohydrates and move more. A healthy smoothie is the cornerstone of many weight loss plans.


Find basic recipes that are perfect for dieting. A basic green smoothie recipe may include a fruit, green veggies, and water as the base so it will come out low in calories and fat free.


You can also use your blender to create a low calorie soup. To make one, simply steam a few cups of your favorite vegetable and add it to the blender jar with a small amount of chicken or vegetable stock. You can even add cooked white beans to get a creamy soup.


Try frozen yogurt as a smoothie ingredient. The taste would be fabulous. No matter what you do, always keep in mind to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, because they are an important source of many nutrients, fiber and phytochemicals that will keep you slim and fit.


Lose weight the healthy way – blend it!

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