What About Cheating?

Dane said, I was cheated on, I was literally cheated. When I woke and they were on top of me doing it. And I said oh this can’t be!!! So, I was literally cheated on. But, I am telling you right now, don’t cheat. Don’t cheat or that shit will come and get you like demons lurking around. You need to shut your lips and learn.


You’re driving home, no radio, you are in complete silence thinking about what you did. You keep looking at your eyes in that rearview mirror and finally you turned that mirror away. And you know what happens, it turns back on its own ha ha.



That shit gets on you, marks you, just like a pixie. That shit gets on you, marks you, just like a pixie. When you get home, you have to get it off you.


If you live like the person he did, a cheater, you have to sneak into your own house. You just Houdini your way right into your own house. Your lock is never louder except for that night ha ha.



Here is the worse, you got hardwood floors. Those floors suck for cheating, because every step would be like cheater, liar.  Husbands and boyfriends are very good at cheating. They can make a relationship last 60 years by cheating.



The first thing you gonna do is get to that shower and wash your balls like you gonna auction them on eBay. You gonna do the triangle scrub, one two top ha ha


Now, the best part is how you are going to get the bed. You gonna vampire yourself to bed so that she won’t wake up. Dane said that is the key to a lasting relationship.



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