Why Women Win Fights?

Men would say women are ruthless, brutal, and not feeling anything at all ha ha. They would say women just say whatever they want to say and never stop until they get what they want. Do you know why women win fights almost 99.9% of the time? Dane Cook said, “You are mental terrorists. You are brain ninjas!”


It is a tough obstacle to overcome what your woman may say to you. She may whisper to make you listen and then give a comment as a true destroyer by word ha ha. Insufficient emotional training leaves a lot of men feeling outwitted and outmatched by women on matters of intimate connection, especially during arguments.


During the argument, there is gonna be a point where she is gonna stop and change her game up. The minute she stops to agree with everything you say – boy that is bad, look out, you are in trouble. She is the mayor!


It is like a torpedo in the water. She is coming to get you. She would say a comment almost in a whisper to make you listen. She gonna walk 3 or 5 steps and say, “You are stupid like your father.” You will have no idea she has just ninja your brain!


Here is the most common mistake of guys who is going back to his women to fight – he forgot to prepare what he is going to say! Ha ha I love this comedy script.



The next time a woman bites your head off, don’t rush to pack up your CDs. Mark my word, fear the woman when she is silent! It is the silence that will terrorize you. The guy might think everything’s okay since they are not arguing much, but that can really mean she’s over the relationship and planning her exit strategy!



You need to know what her fighting words mean. What follows is classified intel from behind enemy lines, code breakers that can lead to a cease-fire, then pay off in a peace treaty that will make everyone happier.


This is just one part of the relationship. There is so much more to learn, watch this video


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