Why Your Blog Is Not Earning With Your Present Optimization Tricks?

Optimization is the sacred word that can make you earn money from your blog. Not knowing how you are going to optimize your blog may get you into trouble and disgusted not being able to make money online. Just in case you have been wondering why your stunning array of content, dripping with help and usefulness, is not earning yet, it maybe hasn’t been packaged right! If it is not packaged right, it wastes your effort and scare off the money.


The easiest way to optimize your blog to make money is to set up an account in Aweber or Mailchimp and grow your email list. Building an email list helps you connect with readers who are really interested about what you write, create on demand traffic, create on demand social shares, and create on demand comments. The email list simply brings everybody to you with less effort!


Just how do you think you should do this? One is to put an opt in form in your sidebar. You can use a pop up if you want. Pop ups are the quickest way to grow your email list.


This is a smart way to monetize your blog today. But, if you have Google Adsense, you may want to reconsider putting the pop ups.


Email marketing, regardless of the business you are in, and if done right, is your road to wealth. The road to riches may just be right in your email list opt in. Most people read or at least glance at their emails as they slide through their inboxes.



Give them captivating subject lines, something that will positively catch their attention, and they will surely open with expecting, light up faces. Your email list is gold, that is why you should focus more attention to it.



Grow your email list, grow your business

Email can be used to drive engagement on blogs. It is low cost and helps you send traffic to your website. Despite the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, not everyone is on them, but most people do have an email.


Building an email list is like running a café shop. It is the perfect way to deliver amazing little treats to your customers. Saying it loud, it also means that an email can make or break your relationship.


They stay, only if you focus on adding value to their lives and not sending out super uninspiring too much selling kind of emails. If not, they hit unsubscribe. As simple as that.


Building an email list is a way to grow your business without breaking the budget. The initial investment doesn’t have to be huge. Mailchimp allows you to send emails and grow your email list free until you reach 2,000 subscribers.


There are many awesome stories of new bloggers who quickly built a 5 figure business using email marketing. Take it one day at a time. This traditional form of marketing drives better returns on investment and customer engagement than the other costly marketing techniques.


Because your subscribers joined your list and verified their identity by clicking on the confirmation link sent to their email, they are extremely interested in what you have to offer. More subscribers can mean greener market to send your offers.


Often times, the email list gets 10 times higher conversions than the social media campaigns. Email marketing is very targeted, which is the reason every smart blogger has a growing email list. They do understand email marketing as one of the best long term investments with a much higher return.


Email marketing filled with interested subscribers has shown lower bounce rates, increased conversion, and more accurate statistics. Your email can reach anyone around the world. This is a perfect tool to expand your reach and capture highly targeted leads quickly and smart ways.


The easiest way to boost your blogging is to address a specific problem suffered by your ideal readers, through each and every blog post. Don’t waste your time blogging about just anything that won’t even stick to the minds of the readers. More help. More fulfillment. More money.


After you publish your article, follow it up on your email list. Just make a few sticky points and lead them straight back to the article.


Increase your click through rates using short, punchy sentences prepped for easy scanning. What I mean is using the right keywords and the right subject title that reflects your value proposition that captures your recipients 6 second attention span.

Keywords in your subject title

One trick is to front load the important words. Put your actionable words in your subject line. Changing the structure of the sentence line to front load the important keywords can increase open rates by at least 10 to 20%. Because of their short attention span, I advise you write your titles just like Twitter short tweets.


Make every word count. Don’t let them spend too much effort reading and rereading the title just to understand what they are getting. Keep everything clean, clear, and simple. Just make it simple!


To convert leads, make sure your title is designed for increased open rates. Increasing this metric gives you the chance to convert your subscribers. The thing is, you need to grab the reader’s attention, which can be efficiently done by an optimized subject line.


When you send an email, the first thing your recipient sees is the subject line. Make sure it is as clear as possible. Confusing and misleading subject lines give the impression of a spammy email.


A good example is an email or even an ordinary memo coming from a military personnel, where their subject lines use keywords in all caps to note the purpose of the email, such as INFO, REQUEST, or ACTION. They make the email standout of the box.


Using the correct keywords forces you to think about what you really want from someone before you contribute to their email clutter. By focusing on subject line testing, you are able to optimize your campaign and generate hundreds of dollars online. There is great power in optimizing email subject lines!



Optimizing beyond the subject lines

Email marketing can be personalized. Include your signature name at the bottom of each one. This helps set a friendly tone. Learn how to grow your email list and ensure deliverability. How do you optimize your emails for conversion?


If you are able to craft an email user experience that improves value, then your open and reply rates will spike! Emails are not dead. They are still one of the best ways to communicate with your customers from a personal and business standpoint.


Want to increase your email open rates? Craft your email subject lines into something your subscribers simply can’t resist. Make sure your subject lines do not sound spammy.


One study revealed at least 68% of the email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject lines, without even attempting to open any one of them first. I do that too!

Good examples of subject lines

  • Use words that alerts the recipients, such as missing deadlines, expiring prescriptions, midnight sale, etc.
  • Leverage on curiosity, humans have a natural desire for closure, you can leave an open ended subject line to make them ask questions
  • Make them laugh, tickle a funny bone
  • Get clever, use vanity to get them open their email
  • Offer short cuts and make it easier for your subscribers to achieve their goals
  • Use pain points to make them open your emails
  • When in doubt, use a simple and straightforward subject line



Most people open their emails first on mobile, and if you get a good impression, they will use their laptop to reopen your email as well as click on your link later. About 66% of emails are opened on tablets or smartphones. Test how your subject line appears on a variety of popular mobile devices.


If you are confused about the keywords and the subject lines, you can go to the website of your strongest competitor and subscribe. See how it goes. By the way, subject lines with plain “hello” or “hey” may result in a lower open and reply rates, along with the other common subject line keywords.


Some words are just better than the others, so be creative. Keyword performance varies by open and reply rates. The subject line length does not matter and do not have a significant impact on email open and reply rates. To make it easier for you, it would be more convenient to start building your own list of subject lines.



What is your value added proposition?

Offer + Content = Click Through Rates. Get your readers to click on the call to action within your email. Testing different offers so you can determine preference can be most helpful. Although there is no guarantee your expectations will match your initial test, at least you will be making decisions based on real time data.


Mix up your offer emails in a series of value adding campaigns. But one thing you should keep in mind, email marketing only works when your content isn’t crap. Simply put, if your content is crap, it won’t work!


Make sure your emails and your blog content are highly valuable and contribute to a satisfying user experience. Communicating with your readers is vital, and so is your content. They usually skim over the message and your content and stop to read what only captures their attention.


The value proposition is the main factor that determines whether people will bother reading more about your blog and increase your click through rate or whether they simply hit the back button and give you a higher bounce rate. If you get it right, it would be a huge boost so you are able to earn money from your blog big time.



Test your value proposition and learn how to do it in less words, such as creating your email subject lines or tweets. Among the bloggers, a poor value proposition is the most common shortcoming.


A value proposition delivers specific benefits and explains how your product or blog post can solve a problem and improve their situation. A value proposition changes the perceive value of your content and your offer’s credibility, not to stand your authority.


Use the right keywords along with the right language to appeal to their human emotions. It needs to be in the language of the customer. It should join the conversation that is already in the customer’s mind.


A value proposition is never a slogan and not even a positioning statement. You can start with the headline, bullet points, visual or video. Create a text proposition that can be understood in as fast as 5 seconds.


The key role of the value proposition is to set you apart from the competition, but just how do you make yourself standout? This may require deep reflection and discussion. Think what small things you can possibly add that wouldn’t cost you much, but could be highly attractive to your subscribers. Make sure the booster is visible with the rest of your value proposition.


Slowly transition your blog with the best content that could be valuable and highly profitable for you. Generate blogging revenue and draw in readers, while you work from home. Earn money from your blog with the simple email optimization tips and become a full time blogger soon.

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