Find Online Work From Home Jobs At Upwork

Find online work from home jobs at Upwork

Upwork makes finding a job fast, simple and direct. Recognized as one of the largest global freelancing websites with millions of jobs posted on its platform every day, most freelancer members of the website earn money by providing businesses the services and skills they need to complete their projects. You connect directly with individuals and businesses looking for freelancers in different fields and categories, such as SEO, social media marketing, content writing, admin help and hundreds of other projects.


In Upwork, businesses and entrepreneurs connect with great talents to work without limits and at the same time, create better economic opportunities in a global context, including individuals living in third world countries like the Philippines.


The site has changed the way businesses find, hire and pay highly skilled freelancers for either short or long term projects. Once a freelancer is matched with a job, the platform offers collaboration and communication features, time tracking and invoicing, and a two way feedback and review systems to better manage the lifecycle of project engagements.


Upwork is the new Elance and oDesk. Joining over thousands of freelancers in the platform requires a signup. Complete your profile and take relevant skill tests to increase your marketability when you are ready.


Do not forget to upload a photo. You can also place a video for introduction on your profile to help you stand out and make a difference.



Create a portfolio to capture the attention of potential clients. Make sure your title and overview are well-thought and clearly state your skills so you get higher profile views and quality job invites.


While some talents may be more visual than others, your portfolio matters whatever your particular area of expertise. It is your opportunity to show clients what you can do through projects you have worked on.


You can use your portfolio to highlight a particular area of expertise. It definitely demonstrates your ability about what you can do and highlights your expertise that may not stand out from the Employment History or Other Experiences sections.


You can leverage your portfolio when you tell a story for each service you provide. If you have more than one area of expertise, your portfolio should reflect your range of skills.


For example, if you are a copywriter who loves to work on product descriptions, but you are also writing blog posts and website copies, you have to upload 3 to 5 portfolio items to show how wonderfully you can write a copy.


Leverage your portfolio creatively. By thinking each piece has its own story, you are likely to get people to pay attention to the projects you want to share with them.


Share your screenshots, snippets, case studies, samples of your own work and even testimonials. Provide additional information for each portfolio item.


Use the project description text box to write a brief but interesting story about how the project came to be. Provide as much information about each piece as possible by painting a clear picture of your role in each project.


You can also link the items in your portfolio with past projects. This draws clearer connections between projects, portfolio pieces, client feedback and client ratings, which can help verify your expertise and build your credibility with prospective clients.


Yes, your portfolio matters most in helping you stand out from the crowd. Update your portfolio regularly to reflect your skills. Chances are you have old projects in your portfolio that you have outgrown already.


Do not let prospective clients see obsolete projects that may not reflect your current skill set anymore. Delete or revamp old project descriptions to call out the skills and expertise that are currently more in demand.


You can also refresh your portfolio to make them relevant, and brings you to the table with a hefty side dish of experience and growth. Creating remarkable portfolios can make you more valuable in the market.



How to get your Upwork profile approved?

As the site grows more popular, they are also becoming more selective with whom they allow and can apply for jobs. Lately, many have found it difficult getting their profiles approved.


If you do not get approved, you can always make changes and resubmit your profile. There is no reason to stop trying if you get rejected nth times. Just try to show Upwork you are a serious professional.

  • Show Upwork you’re a serious professional – right from the start
  • Tell Upwork everything you can do
  • Never choose just one work subcategory
  • Try your best to list the maximum number of skills
  • Don’t undersell your experience level
  • Let Upwork calculate a personalized “rate tip”
  • Make sure your title isn’t too vague (or too specific)
  • Go beyond the bare minimum with your profile overview
  • Complete your employment history
  • Include all your education (not just college degrees)
  • Treat your profile like a resume
  • Bolster your profile with a few portfolio pieces (or make some quickly if you don’t have any)
  • Have your other professional accounts “vouch” for you
  • Prove yourself with Upwork’s skill tests
  • Keep improving your profile and try again


When you signed up for Upwork, you also created a freelance business. Upwork makes it clear they look for people who take freelancing as seriously as they do. The site wants its freelancers to win jobs and earn big money. To make this possible, they monitor the balance between the supply of freelancers and the demand of jobs.

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